How to make onion bow to another technique

That’s just talked about bow to another technique. But my idea has run ahead of the engine, ie, me and onion, we will not hack of papier-mache, and hack textiles

Braids of garlic, we have to do with you, remember. how it was. Now, in this series will make a bow braid. Prepare material:
1. Sintepon
2. Tights
3. Strong thread
4. Food film

Please do blank beads for the future of the bow, the number and size of which will depend on the size of the future accordingly crafts. Prepare the paint. Last time I use acrylic, matte, which can be purchased at any hardware department. And prepare PVA glue

Putting PVA glue, paint, and add to the color, acrylic paint, beige.

To make it easier to work, fix the “tail” of the ball clothespin clothesline, which will act as the holder.

Apply the mixture on the surface of the ball, do it in several layers, allowing each layer to dry. Those. in fact we gruntuem blank bow future.

I have a jar of semolina groats, which I use for all sorts of crafts. In it I stuck balls with clothespins, drying products.

The result is a multi-layer paint pieces of onion future.

Getting a bow coloring, taking as a visual aid natural onion

We select colors gouache coloring future onions.

Mix the paint for the corresponding colors to hack the future of the textiles was the most similar to the natural bow.

We cover the surface paint of the work piece.

Then paint the bow under visual aid.

In addition to paint, I adapted to apply a thin line marker under the painted colors.

Then shade liquid ink solution deposited line.

After drying, we put another line marker, but more often.

Again shaded liquid ink solution.

For the production of onion peel plastic wrap will adapt.

The preform onion skin-tight film.

Curl at the base of handicrafts and dragging the thread.

Try to film as much as possible the best-fitting surface of the crafts.

Getting clearance onion lobe, which as an option can be made from a length of jute twine, fluffed up the tip of the needle.

On the glue is applied to the work piece.

Glued blank bow lobe.

The result of our work. It remains only to join the prepared onions in a braid.

Thanks for being with me until the end of the story. Be creative in your pleasure!

courtesy: liveinternet

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