How to make openwork box of paper tubes

This box I turned
Advertising free newspaper. for box picked three colors – red, yellow and Ryaben’kii, needle tubes clocked 2 mm.po entire length of the strip is greased PVA glue, first twisted without glue (only the tip) ruined a bunch of paper, as ducts need to roll out the dough
then twist, curl without glue turns brittle. you can buy in the store for a twisting tool with a slot more
greased with glue of the curl press my needle for a better connection
it was difficult to make the frame, but the clue found on the Internet, glue gun.
the first frame wrapped around a ribbon to match the figure. but it’s a long time. Began to take three tubes cut to size are glued together into one, and the angles of adhesions already plastered ribbon
curls can make any
in the form of clocked (required glue) tubes have turned 2 laps
Now the circle put the snowflake
adhesive glue, you can draw on paper drawing in multiforu paste, glue the top on it as a wildcard
then comes the assembly process, and each element is glued with white glue
the bottom to collect the same with the cover
Then the side parts
first larger then smaller.
this foot for boxes, glued together two tubes, one to one, then the rolling and twisting, 2 babinki also stick together, put them on top of the box and the load such as a book, so that his feet stuck
Long puzzled over how to connect with the casket lid, tried the wire, paper hinges, even a rope tied from the thread, but this option is more liked. It connects the tube as a ring both sides, but only after varnishing box in two layers.
Here are these two turned out.
Friends, many envy what they do so much beauty in the Land of the Masters, and I want to try to make different and we are not magicians, we have yet to learn. I am very glad that he was in seven countries of the Masters. All success !!!
courtesy: stranamasterov
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