How to make organizer for lipstick with a mirror

It’s always difficult to find in the bag lipstick and mirror! The solution to this problem is extremely simple – you need an organizer (cosmetic) for the lipstick with a mirror inserted into the pocket.

Органайзер для помады с зеркальцем


выкройка косметички

косметичка с зеркалом



This will not be lost in the bag, and a convenient clasp, a button will not let your cosmetics crumble on bag.

You will need:

two kinds of fabric
adhesive sealing material (dublerin, fleece)
sewing supplies
Find details previously printing a pattern in full size.

косметички своими руками выкройки

органайзер выкройка

You need to cut out all the details in triplicate – the basic fabric, the second fabric seal. tab fasteners need to carve out both parts of the base fabric without using a second cloth, plus sealer. Edintsvennaya the item you want to carve out only from the underlying tissue in a single item – a rectangular piece.

Here the cut work piece:

косметичка своими руками

SEAM during operation – 0.6 cm, unless otherwise stated.

With the help of an iron stick to seal parts of the base fabric:

как сшить косметичку своими руками

The basis:

Take a small piece with a rounded edge (the second material), then fold the top edge 0.6 cm and place on a large part of the basic fabric. Stitch seam as shown in the photo black dotted line.

Hand sew a button on a small piece at a distance of 2 cm from the edge. Sew buttons on the second part of a strip prepared for the fastener (part no seal).

как сшить косметичку


Apply a piece fastener (with adhered seal) on the item with the button “face to face” and Stitch along the edge, leaving open the hole at the bottom.

косметичка своими руками мастер класс

Make incisions in the rounded part for accurate species items after eversion and remove the workpiece. Then iron.

Sew the zipper to the main part, paving the line and directing rounded end of the fastener to the foundations of the center. Then, bend the clasp backwards and lay another line:

сшить косметичку своими руками выкройки

The clasp is securely sewn and the raw edge is hidden in the seam.

Pocket for lipstick:

Take a rectangular piece, fold it in half height and lay along the fold line.

At the bottom of the blank (where the raw edge) mark the center point. Aside from the center by 0.3 cm on each side, and then from these marks by 2.5 cm on each side.

Align the marks (to 0.3 cm) from the center mark, fasten thread.

Using extreme label as a place of folding creases, folds lay the 0.3 cm on each side, afiksiruyte. Route the line, fixing the folds.

кошелек косметичка

Apply the resulting pocket pleated detail on the foundations of the second fabric, align the side edges and secure with pins. Turn to him the main detealyu and sew the pocket with pleats to her, laying a line on the sides and at the bottom (not to sew up top!), Route the line close to the edge. Round the corners of his pocket, focusing on the circular edge of the base piece.

косметичка органайзер своими руками

Pocket mirror:

Fold the top edge of the details of the underlying tissue (with glued seal) and route line. Draw a box for the mirror (a little less than your mirror). From him aside allowances into the square and diagonally in the corners.

как сделать органайзер для косметики

Cut on the diagonal drafted. Fold the seam allowances and stitch along the perimeter of the square.

органайзер с зеркалом своими руками

Now sew a pocket on the main item with sewn pocket for lipstick, paving line along the edge.


At this stage you have two pieces – the main part with a fastener and the main part with sewn pockets. Put these details right sides each other inside (fastener hide inside so as not to stitch it by accident).

органайзер для косметики своими руками

Lay the line on the perimeter, using a 0.6 cm seam allowance. Leave nezashitym hole for reversing of a few cm.

Remove the workpiece, make incisions on rounded if necessary. Gently flatten the corners and then iron the workpiece.

Cover the hole a hidden seam and then prostrochite all the product along the edge of the perimeter. Put a mirror in the pocket.

косметичка с зеркалом

Your organizer is ready!




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