How to make a organizer stand for the wires accessories

stand for the wires stand for the wires

How to make an organizer stand for the wires and other accessories

I decided maybe this workshop will be of interest to you.

To begin with, that I, like all the needlewomen, everything always goes to the cause

organizer stand

To begin with, that I, like all the needle women, everything always goes to the cause 🙂

And of course, I could not pass up such turbo check as midway of foil, film and so on. Of course, I am looking for a use for them, used for kruzhavchiki, tape, etc. ..

stand for the wires (2)

But one day I saw a special stand for the wire. I’m sure many have seen it, and perhaps even purchased …

And I was born the idea to make this organizer itself.

stand for the wires (3)

And so we need:

1. The usual box from under the shoe, or rather its cover.

2. “Tubes” (from foil, paper, etc.).

3. Soil white (or whatever you have: gouache, vodoemulsionku and so on).

4. gubochki (foam) or a piece of brush.

5. Napkins – a few pieces (or cloth).

6. Nail (I had a matte finish and a regular floor water-based).

7. Braid (lace or something else).

8. Scissors.

9. Ruler.

10. Pencil.

11. Stationery knife.

12. Adhesive silicone – hot gun.

13. Wire thick.

14. pliers, wire cutters.

15. Clock (optional).

As you can see, nothing special, everything is always there at home any needlewoman and not only perfectly normal subjects

Measure out the desired height tubes. And cut by a knife stationery (if it is not, well you can cope with scissors).

stand for the wires (4)

Put on the lid, we try on. How much stuff we need and what we want the height, first without glue expose everything and see.

stand for the wires (5)

Then, with the help of pliers, bend the wire Gnehm just two wires to be identical.

stand for the wires (6)

Then try on to the ducts, look where these delays strengthened.

stand for the wires (7)

Using a hot glue gun.

I have to fasten paper (for reliability) and all tubes glue series (as we had planned earlier) hot gun.

stand for the wires (8)

Keep everything tight here specially turned to it was evident that nothing falls off.

stand for the wires (9)

That it happened from different angles:

stand for the wires (10)

Now take a paint or primer, vodoelulsionku (a word that you have), and with a sponge or brush, again, as you prefer, covers all the paint, give to dry (you can use a hair dryer, so dries faster) if it is necessary to cover a couple of times.

stand for the wires (11)

While the paint dries, separate the uppermost layer of cloth (usually three: color top and two whites), and when the ground (paint) is dry, glue the napkin decoupage technique. Then I forgot to take a picture, but I think it is for anyone is not something very new, all needlewoman probably tried at least for once do something in this technique.

If not, I’m sure there are online workshops on this topic.

Varnish, dried and glued braid with a hot gun. In short, decorated as you wish.

Now do perekladinku under teyplentu. We measure are bent, extra bites clippers

stand for the wires (12)

And here is our organizer is ready

stand for the wires (13)