How to make origami lantern

origami lantern

Charm origami Daquan small lantern making methods to teach you a small paper ball lanterns handmade diy tutorial graphic production
New Year, paper art origami Daquan network gave us some kind of wonderful handmade paper art make it interesting. When it comes to festive decorative effect, that nature can not be ignored lantern making methods to show us a variety of exquisite lanterns shape and style oh. Here origami network to bring this method of making paper art lanterns can actually be considered a method of making a charm, of course, still has its own lantern making the kind of unique charm, from the overall production in effect, this handmade paper art strap making it quite fine, although we can not give place inside the lamp, but as a wonderful paper art production, play a simple decorative effect is very surprising friends.


The production used in the production of the idea is somewhat similar to a combination of origami, but before the curd and origami flower production also has a very significant difference, time itself specific production, the production of origami lanterns strap or need assistance with some glue while cotton rope or something to further increase the production of suspension beauty, now look at specific ideas and methods of making what it is. Simple production will be able to help you quickly fine lantern show out of shape, which is the network of various origami paper art beautiful handmade lanterns strap is very worth learning oh.

origami lantern

Then once again collapsed.

origami lantern

Cross obtained after configuration. Expand.

origami lantern

After then both edges folded up and down the right side inward crimping.

origami lantern

In the same manner the remaining seven origami structures are produced.

origami lantern

Then use cotton string hanging beads.

origami lantern

At the bottom is closed by a crystal. And in the upper part of playing a summary.


Then on top of a small bead on a string as an upper portion of the cap structure.


We origami unit model color staggered stacking the place, and then separately with white latex applied and fixed.


After 8 are fixed, and on its side on the white latex painting or ordinary glue.



Then the cotton rope attached to the top.



Expand it be blocking a fixed beginning and end of such a beautiful lantern strap to make it complete.

origami lantern

courtesy: zhidiy



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