How to make painting matryoshka doll

painting matryoshka doll

painting matryoshka doll

Matryoshka nice to admire, but even nicer to create them yourself. This opens endless possibilities for creativity and imagination.

Before you begin, you need to prepare a working place and the material that we need to work.

– A pencil, an eraser, a brush №0, №1, №3, №4, palette, paint, acrylic or tempera, cotton swabs, cloth, paint, oil cloth

The first stage of our work – a pencil sketch on the blank.

Draw a vertical line from top to bottom, we need it in order to draw a symmetrical sketch our future nesting dolls.

And we start with the face.

 It is necessary to check the correct location of the person on the matryoshka: if the contour of the face is above the “neck” – the restriction on the workpiece, and the top and sides of the face there is a place for the future of the handkerchief, then it is correct.

Then we outline the contours of the line handkerchief handkerchief top edge coincides with the contours of the face and the lower neck and back covers.

Then we outline the hands of dolls, which can be covered with hair down or bent at the elbow and sundress.

When the sketch is ready, you can begin to implement in color – it will be the second stage of our nesting dolls.

The choice of colors depends on your imagination, taste and availability of colors. But in any case, it should be bright and rich colors.

painting matryoshka doll

Now again we undertake the pencil and outline the rest of the patterns on the matryoshka. This floral motifs for this Matryoshka I took as a basis Gorodets painting.

To tasteful place flowers and leaves on a headscarf, first outline the contours of a pencil to think carefully about the location of each of the picture elements. And only then proceed to painting.

sundress painting.

To fill the background, the easiest way to draw in nesting dolls in the hands of a bunch of flowers, a basket, a samovar, etc.

Remaining free space on the sundress fill with flowers and leaves all the same motives Gorodets painting.

painting matryoshka doll

painting matryoshka doll

And now the most difficult in the matryoshka – a person matryoshka. Face nesting dolls – this is the main and the main work. Matryoshka should smile !!!

This is the third phase of our work.

To properly position the elements of the face, gently apply the pencil on the left for face round 2 horizontal lines. The upper part of the circle will take the hair, will be located in the middle of the eye, and at the bottom – lips and blush.


Traditional hair matryoshka – parted. Hair paint ocher paint, after outlining their contour pencil. After the paint dries, select the individual strands of darker paint.


At equal distances from the center apply 2 points. Around them, draw a thin line circle – eye. Then, in the eyes of the circle we inscribe on the smaller diameter of the circle – the pupils. Draw lines century. These 2 lines that go from one point diverge gradually, skirting the eyes are moving in parallel lines. Thin eyebrows as if repeating century line. All lines with a soft pencil, barely touching the surface.


 Do not try to draw a realistic nose. Let him 2 points, placing them symmetrically at a distance of about 1 / W from the lower contour of the face. That appeared at our Matryoshka nose.


Divide the distance from the nose to the bottom contour the face in half. At this level, we draw an arcuate line. And matryoshka you just smile. We can only take the form of lips.


For blush, we need cotton swab and red paint, very liquid diluted with water. You stick to apply a little paint and before imposing blush should make sure that at least your stick paint. Blush is located on the same level as the line of the lips.

But we direct it at the time when a person is fully satisfied in color.

painting matryoshka doll

The fourth stage of work- performing facial color.

For the person you need to ocher and white. Mixing these two colors, you will get your desired shade for the face. A pencil sketch of the face wash, he will not need to show through the paint that you apply.

And you draw a sketch on this face.

painting matryoshka doll

painting matryoshka doll

painting matryoshka doll

painting matryoshka doll

And it remains the easiest part of our work, ozhivka.

  This will be the last phase of our work -Five.

Ozhivka- is prorisovyvanie the smallest details.

And the work is completed.

painting matryoshka doll

Work can be varnished. I cover the parquet lacquer in 3 layers.

courtesy: liveinternet

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