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How to make panels “House”

panels House

Today, I want to tell you how to create the home of their dreams, even the cardboard, but the real. The work is simple but laborious, addictive, mesmerizing and does not stop.
We are all familiar with from childhood into cubes, and so, these works are made of blocks and segments and serve as the basis for corrugated board, ie those same boxes that we drag to the trash. As for the decor of the building, it’s a matter of your taste.
So, let’s begin….
panels House
For the work we need:
1. A piece of plywood or hardboard, on it and we raised our architectural masterpiece. (Cardboard, as a basis does not fit, it is jarred when wet, limp and deform).
2. Corrugated Box
3. Giprochny knife, PVA glue, brush, and line, if there is no desire to use a giprochnym knife, the scissors should be fine. I would like to draw your attention on the main glue, which will meet all design, this is an ordinary rubber adhesive, the one used by shoemakers (its advantages, dries quickly, does not macerate cardboard, and if it is dry, it just does not pull out, which makes it possible glue joint to joint, which allows the accuracy and strength of your masterpiece)
panels House
And so … we draw a draft of our house. I carry it out at once on the plywood if someone looks hard to remember at home, you can make a duplicate on paper to know where what stick, but as long as conceived is not always possible, we will act according to the principle “where the curve displays.”
So we look at the picture and imagine that it blocks and mentally divide the house on a segment that is different in width, to give the home dimension.
panels House
I divided the house into 3 main segments, production of which now do ….
Yes, I almost forgot plywood edges (marked in pink) have holes in which to insert the rope for hanging. Holes can be drilled, but you can dig up a knife, and I did. The rope is pulled once, then to her, and holes can be hidden ….
panels House
We begin with a segment №1. Take a ruler and drag to the size of the front board, the desired us the size and the width of the bar tack. The dashed line shows the fold line. Please note that the fold lines extend along the direction of the corrugations, so it will be easier to bend ….
panels House
On the wide, I sprinted 6 cm. How sprinted you, your desire …. tacks do no less than 1.5 cm.
panels House
Segment № 2.Delaetsya similarly
panels House
Segment number 3. I think you understand that everything is done uniformly
panels House
Then all the segments are placed on the plywood in a predetermined order, on rubber cement (RC), and this is what should we get. I want to draw attention to the hatched line at the bottom of the structure (such as there is in our sketch) we translate it to the houses, well on its mission to tell later.
panels House
See more on our sketch and see the porch, which is also now taking on board with the desired width, I 1.5-2 cm (the drawing is not listed)
and the pressure on the desired location …
panels House
It turns out that’s what ….. glued door exfoliated from cardboard.
(Peeling of cardboard) for the main part of our house decor. C. 3-layer corrugated cardboard removes one layer of paper, we obtain the corrugation itself, which is adhered to another layer of paper, the ie paper layer is 2 + corrugation. If the paper is bad departs from the corrugations by virtue of honest work, our the removable layer moisten with water (hand brush or water is applied, a few minutes)
panels House
Then do bedplate …. Take a piece of cardboard. Set as shown in the figure and  2.5-4 cm on the back side panels delineated. Ahead of the reserve of 3-4 cm. For the lawn.
According to the line drawn by the bend and glue the following manner. Tack glue on the reverse side of the work, then smear the lower ends or edges of our house and glued to the bottom, without worrying about what where it may not be enough of a few millimeters for a full abutment structure to the bottom. Sticking to the rubber adhesive, so do not pull out …..
We’ll have to do a master class pieces, I’m afraid not vgruzitsya …… Wait to continue ….
panels House
And so it will continue.
After the glue has dried cut off corners on both sides so that our panel was not angular. I cut off 5 cm.
Who will obscure point, which I want to take the time? The best time to go back to that same red line in the house, it is in front of you. It is a line of lawn lifting (if someone does not hunt with this busy, it can be left as it is) but still tells you further. From the edge to the bottom of a red line must be glued pieces of cardboard at an angle. Caused the triangular hole to seal fitted pieces of cardboard, make it crappy way of applying and cutting the excess, paste it all.
This is done to give a projection leaving in a distance of streets and lawns.
panels House
It turns out that’s what …
panels House
One side
panels House
And on the other hand …
Sticking on all rubber glue.
panels House
Now we take PVA glue, tear the paper into small pieces and soaked in water, as the paper gets wet, spread it on a towel to drain the water we give and proceed to the sizing of the joints abutting the bottoms of the design, thus hiding all the bumps and joints. Everything is shown in the picture. Let us dry until the bottom of a background ….
panels House
PVA glue smeared basic background. The glue is applied thickly and bold, on a small piece of the surface. Take the wet paper (described above), and we impose on greased adhesive surface, thus giving it wrinkles and jams. Then, once glued background, brush or fingertips to apply the adhesive PVA and gently smoothing all the irregularities of the background. and send it out to dry …..
panels House
During the glue ladder.
Layered corrugated cardboard can be cut along or across the corrugations, it all depends on your desires and ideas, making your work comfortable look and the imitation logs.
panels House
Here is the piece of cut along the corrugations. Them, I decided to decorate the house edge, giving the appearance of wooden beams.
panels House
Now it came to the windows … Clay PVA thickly plastered location of future windows and paste the wet paper, as we have done in the process of creating the background. It is necessary to give the glass a rough surface. Gets off the porch, sticking visor and dry …
As long as work dries, I want to talk about how you can redecorated facade of the building
1. It is possible to cover the entire structure of the same wet and crumpled paper, it will give the appearance of plaster
2. You can cut and paste blocks of cardboard unfibered them in the right place for you
3. It is possible to give a kind of masonry, using a mosaic of eggshell
All these methods have in my work samples. How to come up with something new to tell you ….
I chose masonry.
Insofar as the further process of the construction was carried out at night, and the camera will take pictures flatly refused to tell more than the show …. There will be issues explain
panels House
Paint background. Gouache paint or watercolor. How dried up, take of foam dipped in silver paint (acrylic) on paper and remove excess paint with light pressure begin to drive on the background. All speakers place and folds are painted over in silver color. I will tell you the secret of making silver paint in the home that will reduce costs acrylic paint. In our part of the acrylic paint on the weight of the gold, so you have to look for compromises. For the manufacture of paint, we need a silver powder, the same one which garages color and transparent liquid Clerical glue. All poured into the bottle to the eye, add a little bit of some water and pour glue all shaken. And voila, the paint is ready …
Let’s go back to the model ….
panels House
I decided to make a balcony on stilts and it looks like this. Glue joint to joint with a rubber adhesive.
panels House
It chocks under the balcony. Produced by winding paper round object. I think you get the idea.
panels House
Paste the balcony and backup windows are going to do.
panels House
Cut the roof, but did not stick … Continue decorating the house, do carved balconies and stonework.
Here in this place, and my camera died, well, nothing to tell you so.
Once we finished the decoration of facades, roof paint and glue in place.
The segment has a chimney №2 it consists of a square cube, and the longer the pipe and make it will not be difficult without explanation. Once it is ready it to putting a roof and sloping roof insofar as the pipe will stick out to the side. The base pipe undercut giving resolution angle of the roof. To roof segment №1 does not interfere with the pipe safely hang around on the roof of this segment clipped fit us properly. Pipe cover masonry.
In the same way we do the alcove (like the first floor) on the segment number 3
This is the main assembly and is ready !!!!
panels House
Take a brush and paint, and for the cause …. And it should look something like this here ……
Once painted stonework, take a contrasting acrylic paint and foam swab highlighting every stone. I use gouache, but do not take with me an example, it is possible but not necessary, can spoil the work, better still acrylic. Paint glass windows and frames, contrasting color texture ladder and attach all places …. bulging green paint the lawn. We give work to dry thoroughly and safely cover it with varnish, to do landscaping ……
panels House
It turns out that’s what
panels House
For landscape design you’ll need:
1. Rubber adhesive
2. A piece of foam
3, Any dye green (color, pigment, gouache, I use to dye Easter eggs, it is what I use for coloring salt dough, and cheap and cheerful)
4 . capacity staining will occur where
I shoveled the entire Internet to find information on manufacturing plants. What was proposed, does not suit me, I sat thought and decided
panels House
Took a piece of foam rubber and began to peck away tiny pieces, thus obtaining is such a foam rubber
If it is a pity you can use hand shears. And lenders, in the hope that crumbles, too, not to spoil … Dressed glove and poured dye, mix and leave to dry.
Glove use obligatory, otherwise your hands for a long time will acquire an elegant emerald hue.
panels House
The result is such a mass of acid colors. She then will serve as a grass and bushes …
And now the bushes …..
panels House
Foam mode into small pieces as shown in the photo, shooting angles. Then carefully lubricate the rubber glue and dipped in foam Makhno.
PVA do not use this glue is absorbed into the foam, as a result, that figure stuck
panels House
Here are turned furry lumps, which we glue the rubber cement to a desired location. But there are bushes with flowers, so a small amount of pinching foam paint in red and yellow and paste in the shape of flowers. Makhno remaining foam sticking to the lawn, where you can place the stones, benches, chaise lounge, or umbrella, flashlight, or man, all at your fingertips. Suitable for landscaping and artificial plants in the form of firs, bushes. Tried a lot of green spaces to use papier-mâché, I did not like, it was too rough, but your work, try everything and decide what suits you best.
And another tip, if you want to make the winter the snow is made of fine salt mixed with PVA glue, the mass of dried and applied to the surface in a dry form. In the snow I added a sparkling sequins on the photo it is not noticeable. Snow turned as real and just as iridescent. Properly decorate foam trees, you can create the effect of the fall of the crown.
On trees tell and show in the next MC.
panels House
Insofar as, scurrying around the Internet, I have not found a single master-class on the subject, but only the work of other artists, to total revenues of itself. The author of this technique unfortunately do not know, so I will not plagiarize. I just opened the curtain on the mystery.
Go ahead, enjoy yourself and amaze your friends and family work, and remember it does not matter how it turns out, it is important how much you have invested in this soul.
If someone would take as a basis for my master class, let me boast, and I know that someone is handy …..
Good luck to all in your endeavors.
And thank you for attention
panels House
courtesy: stranamasterov
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