How to make paper necklace for summer

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paper necklaces
Just a few taps, and … we have more than enough paper was invented both a collection of necklace to wear this summer already!
Raw materials needed to make necklaces:
– Paper corrugated cardboard (arbitrary)
– Straws
– Milk candy
– Scissors, brushes, pens, rulers
How necklace as follows:
paper necklaces
Step 1:
– First, you guys triangles with different sizes on cardboard.
paper necklaces
Step 2:
– Then you just cut the picture out and glue painted on the face of each image does not ripple.
paper necklaces
Step 3:
– Scroll around the image was cut out and used a glue nozzle fixed to the edges.

paper necklaces

Step 4:
– You wait about 20 minutes for the glue to dry completely, then take the cardboard out of a straw.


You make more kinds of “beads” in various colors, then pierced into another wire necklace is finished.
With this approach, you do not have a lot of work to go hunt in the material store to find out for yourself handmade beads correct behavior.
Use the color and size diversity to make the dish more special accessory offline!
paper necklaces
courtesy: kenh14

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