How to make paper parrot


Tools: scissors, glue, a pencil.

Materials: white thick paper A3 format, colored paper.

Step by step guide of performance:

1. Prepare tools and materials. Coloured paper designed to make better use of office equipment.

4525554_2_3_ (400x283, 13Kb)

2. We turn off the white sheet of paper and glue. Top cut into approximately 8 cm (body).

4525554_3_2_ (400x320, 11Kb)

3. Take 4 colored paper, cut into strips and folds in an accordion to cut out several feathers. Cut edges and Bends them to the top.

4525554_4_1_ (400x300, 13Kb)

4. Use scissors feathers slightly curled edges. And then the pen itself.

4525554_5 (400x273, 13Kb)

4525554_6 (400x300, 22Kb)

5. Upper body paste a strip of yellow paper (head). Then paste the rows of feathers. In each row, about 10 feathers. one white feather can be done for breast.
4525554_7_1_ (400x327, 15Kb)
6. Of the two circles with a diameter of 7 cm do feathers around the eyes. Bends and cut into the edge in the same manner as the feathers. From black paper cut out his eyes with eyelashes, eyelashes, too Bends. Eyes glue in the middle of the tail.
4525554_8 (400x300, 14Kb)
4525554_9_1_ (400x300, 18Kb)
7. Under the scheme is cut blanks for the beak.
4525554_10 (400x300, 13Kb)
8. Merge the upper part of the beak, so that coincided 2 square angle.
4525554_11 (400x300, 17Kb)
9. parrot head glue the eyes, upper and lower beak.
4525554_12 (400x300, 14Kb)
10. Under the scheme is cut paws, making the folds to produce volume.
4525554_13 (400x300, 12Kb)
11. Cut the white paper 2 bases for the wings, then the feathers of colored paper under the scheme, bend them in half.
4525554_14 (400x300, 18Kb)
12. The end of the cut out and glue them to get bulky.
4525554_15 (400x278, 11Kb)
13. The other end of smear glue and glue to the base rows. Ready glue the wings on the sides of the parrot.
4525554_16 (400x300, 18Kb)
14. Cut 3 strips of 5 cm of colored paper for the crest. Cut are bent slightly curl similar to feathers.
4525554_17 (400x300, 20Kb)
15. Two identical first front glue strips and then the rear, so that they form a cross on top. A third strip of glue in the middle of the front and back over the other 2.
4525554_18 (400x271, 16Kb)
16. With the help of scissors Fold the rear ends of the tuft.
4525554_19 (400x300, 17Kb)
17. Of the different colors of paper cut into strips (about 8 pieces can be of different lengths), and do the tail. Cut and Fold the strips similar to crest. Glue the back of the body. The front legs at the bottom of glue. Our parrot is ready !!
courtesy: liveinternet
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