How to make peacock feather from bead

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Peacock is a symbol of pride, the emblem of beauty and immortality. In many countries, the peacock was considered a royal bird, and the Hindus revere it as a sacred bird. In the homeland of the peacock, in South Asia, he is highly valued for warning of the approach of tigers, snakes, and thunderstorms. It is believed that thanks to the beauty of its feathering, the peacock is capable of “processing” the poison of the snake that it afflicted.
peacock feather from bead
To make a pen you will need:
– Wire of golden color of various diameters (2 mm, 1 mm and 0.3 mm);
– A large glass bead with a gasoline color;
– Glass beads of different colors (blue, purple, brown with gasoline, green) and shapes (round faceted, twisted rice, bicones and rondel);
– Czech glass beads droplets;
– Czech beads of different colors (blue, dark green, golden and chameleon with gasoline color);
– Round nose pliers
The pen is obtained as a double-sided, it can be worn as a pendant or a keychain for a bag, you can make two identical feathers and wear earrings; I conceived a brooch – I also needed glue, a piece of genuine gold leather, a transparent mono-thread and a base-fastening for the brooch.
So, we are transgressing:
1. We put a large bead on the end of a wire with a diameter of 2 mm, the wire is bent as in the photo.
2. With fine wire 0.3 mm we wind the folds.
3. String a few beads and fill the space between the wire and the bead. A thin wire is simply wrapped a couple of times around a thick one and through the beads, we bring it back.
4. So that you do not get confused, the “ring” close to the large bead “ring” made of 2 mm wire will be No. 1, the far one – No. 2. We put on the blue rondel, make two turns with fine wire around ring No. 2, put on the blue bead and make one turn around the ring No. 1, put on 1 blue bead and make two turns around ring number 2. All the weaving will go zigzag from ring No. 2 to ring No. 1.
5-6. Empty space gradually fills with beads and beads. The number of beads and the size of the beads depends on how you bent the wire.
peacock feather from bead
7. Bend the ring number 3 and wind the folds with a wire 1 mm in diameter. Golden beads gradually fill the space between the rings number 2 and number 3.
8-9. We fill the part with golden bicones and finally fill it with golden beads.
10. We form the tip of our pen, at the end bend the loop and wrap it with a wire of 1 mm in diameter.
peacock feather from bead
11-13. We weave long feathers: string the beads and beads on a thin wire, the last string the bead-drop and pass the wire in the opposite direction, make a loop around ring No. 3 and string the beads and beads for the next feather, etc. In the center we weave feathers more densely and longer, to the middle – we weave less often and a little shorter, we make smooth transitions of density and length of these feathers.
14. At the tip of the feather, we interlace the rare and short feathers (we try to arrange a thin wire between the turns of a wire of 1 mm in diameter).
peacock feather from bead
The feather is ready, it remains only to hang it on the string or attach the earring to the earrings.
peacock feather from bead
If you also decided to make a brooch out of your pen – use a wire to attach the base to the brooch; From a skin we cut out a preparation in the sizes with a ring № 3; In the skin we make holes for the needle and the eyelet-fastener of the brooch; Neatly, so that the glue does not flow, glue the skin to the wrong side of the pin and sew on the edge to the wire ring No. 3.
peacock feather from bead
peacock feather from bead

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