How to make pencil holder
 pencil holder
Together with the children, we could have done such an interesting cup for pencils in the form of an ear of corn.
We need:
-tiling of cardboard from paper towels
-good (halves)
-Green corrugated paper
-PVA glue
paint -Yellow
The cylinder is cut in half, we need only one-half.
Lubricate it with glue (not the entire surface immediately, but gradually, as needed) and papered halves peas. We leave about 1.5 cm not glued.
 pencil holder
From cardboard cut out the bottom of a cup of our way, as shown in the photo. Glue it. To the bottom of a better fix, it can be stuck a rubber band.
 pencil holder
When the glue dries, paint our crafts yellow paint that looked like corn kernels. We leave to dry.
From green crepe paper and paper colored double-sided paper-cut leaves our kukuruzka and glue underneath.
We stand for “Corn” is ready to handle. Such crafts made by their handles and the teacher can give his professional holiday.
 pencil holder
courtesy: efariya