How to make pencil stand from old magazines

How to make pencil stand from old magazines

Spring is finally approaching, and with it comes a familiar sound… the thud of a new phone book landing on the front porch. In our area, Jo and I are inundated with as many as 4 or 5 new phone books every Spring, from different publishers all trying to compete in the advertising biz. Of course nobody needs that many phone books, and I usually just toss all but one of them in the recycling bin, but this year I decided to try to upcycle one of them into something fun. I managed to turn one into a quirky and unique pen/pencil stand that’s a real conversation piece on my desk!


Materials and tools for making the stand:

– A guide or directory.

– Aluminum T-shaped ruler

– A sharp knife

– Clip

– scissors

– Pencils

– glue

– Cardboard core from the toilet paper or paper towels

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Production stands for pens and pencils:

1.Ostrym knife, cut the phone book to the desired size. To stand pencil was easy to use, its height should be no more than 10cm. Make several passes with a knife and a ruler, cutting so deeply as nozh.Prorezhte allows the rest of the book. To do this, cut the cover and fold the cut part of the way. Take the scissors and cut the front and back covers, as close as possible to the ground.

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2.- Next, create the petals. For this manual pages evenly divided into five sections. Take the cardboard tube and wrap it around one of the sections. To fix, use stationery clips. Using scissors, remove all unnecessary. Lubricate all the adhesive and press firmly to the ground. 3. The same actions done with the main section and glue onto each other. 4. Form a center stand. To do this, we used a pencil, which should be no longer than stand about 2 cm. Liberally pour all the glue, pencil wrap spravochnikom.- Fix page to make the strength of the product. For this abundantly promazhte wall adhesive. Once the glue is dry, apply a second layer of glue. Make the bottom of the stand. To do this, take a thick cardboard and trace the contour of the product. Use scissors to cut the bottom and promazhte its glue. Glue it to the stand.

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5. When the stand is dry, fill it with pencils, pens, markers and place it on your desktop. 6.Takzhe can do multi-level multi-colored stand! To do this, cut the old reference so as to obtain a “ladder” of the five steps. The process of making the same, as stated above, only at the end of each petal raskraste in color.

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