Make phone case

Make phone case


So, are you ready to make phone case made ​​of felt with the lamb? If so, let us not delay to prepare the necessary material for this:

  • Felt purple
  • Felt pink polka dots,
  • Felt beige
  • Felt pink

Flower for decoration,

  • Light green felt,
  • Black beads for eyes,
  • Beads for large beige flowers,
  • Thread to match the fabric,
  • Scissors,
  • Filler – hollofayber,
  • Clay time or Crystal Dragon.


Print it out on a piece of A 4 paper or just redraw it from the screen on the sheet.


Cut out the pattern strictly along the contour. Then transferred to the base sheet of felt violet color with a simple pencil. We should have two parts basics that we later sew three sides.


Cut leaving no allowances two parts base.


Then draw a sheep. To do this, cut a circle out of the pattern and move it on a piece of felt, draw out using chalk or a pencil.


Cut lamb basis of pink felt dots. Please note, we get it, “curly”!


Cut now parts of the head, ears and legs of lamb, they also take all of the patterns, cut out the inside. We cut them from the cream felt, but the bundle of hairs cut out of pink felt dots.


Pinned basis lamb pink felt polka dots with a small pin.


Sew it with hand stitches between the waves, as shown in the figure. Doshivaem not until the end, fill slightly hollofayber to create volume.


Sutured to the end item. It turned out we have here is a volume.


Then, on top of the foundations – body lamb sew, slightly shifted up the head, sew it in a circle hand stitches again through and fill.


Muzzle sewn and stuffed, but it should still decorate, add eyes and ears.


Bottom glue or substitute, glue soaked inside leg of lamb. Then on top in a circle inflict hand stitching for durability and beauty


Cropped ears on rounding sharp scissors and glue them back to back with adhesive moment of the crystal or the Dragon.


Sew over the ears and muzzles curly top of our lamb and decorate it with ready-made flower on the side. However, it was immediately interested? The composition has played?


Sew eyes with a thread, thin needles and two small beads. Embroider nose and mouth lamb.


Then prepare the material for further decoration. We need the following: beads big beige two units carved out of green felt leaves – four units and carved from pink felt flower two. We choose the color of the skin.


Sew first pink flowers in the center of large beads, and then embroider the center of the strip to each petals. Leaves also ask strips, hand stitches substituting their edge under the flower. Bottom embroider imitation stem pink thread.


Then placing two pieces on each other right sides out. Hand stitches with a thread with a needle sews decorative stitch three sides. Top will be opening for the phone. Thus, the case for mobile phone ready.

Taking the idea and pattern, you can create your own hands any case for mobile phone, tablet or i pad. It is also possible to create a somewhat different composition on the front side of the cover. It all depends on your preference!





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