How to make photo album watch


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How to make photo album watch

photo album watch is the best idea of gifting for the 1st birthday party

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It all started with a glass of kefir. I kept thinking, where would I presposobit them ..

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Then I cut off the top of the cup – get a small frame.

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I painted them with acrylic paint and varnish.

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Then she took a sheet of foam, I have it left after buying a refrigerator (I like Granny Tolstoy almost nothing throw.. and laid out frames.

watch (6)

I looked around them and get a picture

watch (7)

The first time tried the technique of “decoupage”

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Stick, and that’s what I’ve got, of course not quite what I wanted, but I realized my error. I glued on the foam, it does not processed.

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Then he looked around frames in photos at the perimeter and cut out priblizilelno on 2-3mm reducing to Photo did not get out from under the frames.

watch (10)
That it happened

watch (11)

About I figured …

watch (12)
First photos pasted, used glue “Titan”

watch (13) watch (14)

Then on top stuck frames and lozhila load for 15-20 minutes.

watch (15)

Roman numerals made circuit

watch (16)

and then to finish the Arab, but I find the numbers somewhere and stick

watch (17)

Paste mechanism arrows

photo album watch


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