How to make picture from clay decorated with beads and sequins “Sunflowers”


For work, we need: frame with glass, clay (yellow-3 pieces, green-3pcs, black-1pc, white-1pc, pink, 1pc, the last three colors of clay required a bit so that these colors even remain, paetki, stacks, board for clay, toothpick, knife of stationery.

Divide a piece of yellow clay into three parts. This divided into three parts and will be one piece of a flower. One of them, roll out and divide into five parts

Form a petal

Begin to lay out petals in the shape of a flower. First, the bottom row, then the top. We spread the denser that there are no voids

To make the core need to roll it out as thin as possible to harness. By the way I have it colorful and for this you need to mix the black, yellow and white, and black must be greater. Then twist the tourniquet should be as tight as possible. Set in the middle of a pencil and make a point, thereby securing a better product on the surface

The same principle is create two more flower

Petals also need to work out the stack

Create stalks

Stems are working on the stack.

By the same principle as the petals create leaves

Created using stationery knife veins in the leaf

To fill the void in the film thin twisted stalks

They are working to selectively stack

Decorate core flower beads

Create additional curls

Decorate a picture of silver sequins. To secure the saw blade you need to download a small piece of white clay into a ball and on top of him to fix sequins. Just selectively decorate the leaves and petals with white beads. Here’s what happened


courtesy: stranamasterov

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