How to make Picture from paper cups

Tools and materials:
a simple cardboard box
plastic covers
paper cups
acrylic paints
But do not do without the help of scissors, glue, cloths, brushes and acrylic paints.
First we need to make a rose. On two of the cut glass and cut off the top edge. Next, we need to cut the glass into horizontal strips width of about 2-3 cm. The strips, which we have received, we Bends in half and twisting into a tube. In order that they do not dissolve the adhesive fix. Now we connect the twisted rose rubber band or string to when they are dried, their form has been saved. To make the bud, it is necessary to twist the strip with glue a bit wider, and not to dissolve, it is possible to fix a pin.
Now we take the cardboard and cut a triangle of any size. The entire surface of the board, we have pasted towels or toilet paper and if they fold, they leave and to create an image of the relief. Corrugated cardboard and tear take on a lot of strips of different sizes and glue them on top of the towels and on the sides
Because we cut out cardboard flowers and leaves that have cut and made of corrugated cardboard. All previously made buds, roses, flowers leaves stuck to the cardboard base. And at the bottom half of the need to stick a paper cup.
Cut edge glasses gather and do braid that stick to the bottom of the tracks on both sides. Yellow flowers that we see in the photo, made of covers, which have been glued in half. As a complement of plastic caps which are glued to the base board was used.
When all the glue, paint the collage with acrylic paints. Look at the first picture you can choose the desired color. And finally cover all of the work with several layers of acrylic varnish.
courtesy: samodelki
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