Make a piece of cheese and mouse

Make a piece of cheese and mouse

Make a piece of cheese and mouse



Advantages of paper as a decorative material – are endless. Diversity and ways to create miracles from it. For example, kviling.

Quillingis a young technology works with paper, based on the twisting paper strips. Using a variety of ornaments or natural motifs, the artist creates the whole panel – not only flat, but also the volume, as well as amazing grace and beauty other decorative things.

Slab of cheese

Yellow sheet of paper
– different sizes coins
– toothpicks and glue for paper


Make a piece of cheese from a sheet of yellow paper. Cut a fairly wide strip and fold it so that a triangle. Leave a small allowance for bonding.

Cut the blank and draw on it coin – the “holes.” Cut them nail scissors. Very small holes
do the punch or punch.

Cut strips of yellow paper (or use ready-made paper kvilinga). Fold each in free spiral – screwing strip on a toothpick, place it on the table so that it is slightly straightened. You can straighten her fingers. Glue the end of the coil to the last round, so she kept the shape. Make several of these spirals of different sizes. Glue the “cheese” blank. Glue the finished parts on the side of a piece by completing all of the triangular space. Stick to the walls of the helix and the preform together.



– Grey and pink paper for kvilinga
– Stained glass paint black
– Toothpick and adhesive paper


How to make a paper mouse. The trunk consists of a strip of pink paper: push one end to the toothpick and roll the roll tight. Lubricate the end of the adhesive strip and CONNECT it to the item unfolded.

Take a strip of gray paper. Glue it to the end of the workpiece and wind rose on a roll to increase the body. It is possible to add one or two strips (depending on the desired parts). Glue the end of the strip.

Make the head. Take a strip of gray paper and roll it into a tight roll of – you can add another strip winding her up. Secure the ends of the strip -smazhte glue, press and hold them until the glue grabs Use glue for paper.

To make the muzzle, turn the roll of paper strips incomplete fix the end, and then lightly pull the middle of roll until it turns into a cone. Glue the cone to the details of the head.

Glue the head to the body. Make more narrow strips of gray paper small rolls – ears and paws. Glue the parts to the head and torso. Draw eyes and mouth. Eyes can be done in another way: place a large piece of plastic film a little stained glass paints for children’s creativity. When it dries, you will receive a pair of shiny bulging eyes.

Twist the striped gray and boom and put it on the table. When the “spring” will straighten tail. If his stick, at the toy will stand.

Make a piece of cheese and mouse

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