Learn how to make pig from stockings


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How to make pig from stockings

Learn how to make pig from stockings from this article. For this pig, I took the children’s stockings with a pattern. Color fell just by the way 🙂 

pig (1)

pig (2)

First, cut off part of the trunk.

The cut for the legs.

pig (5)Cardboard circles give stability
Stuffed. Lay off. pig (7)This is the future head. pig (8) pig (9)

pig (10) pig (11)These four points are ut azuki-recess for the eyes and corners of the mouth. pig (12)Slimming, bringing the needle alternately from each of these points. pig (13) pig (14)Smile. The thread is pulled from the top. pig (15)To cheeks were thicker, sculpting them from below and lugs. pig (16) pig (17)It’s time to heel. On the wrong side and sewn up turning on the front side. pig (18) pig (19)I stuffed lightly, to get a pancake. pig (20) pig (21)to cut the ears. Folding the fabric so that it resembled pig ears. pig (22)Sewn. pig (23)Not enough legs. pig (24) pig (25) pig (26)Finishing touches! Finally, we finished the work.make pig

Courtesy: www.liveinternet.ru

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