How to make pista shell bird for wall decoration

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We usually always have a bowl of pistachio nuts on our coffee table. As we were eating them one evening and tossing the shells into another bowl – I started thinking there must be something I can do with these – so I started collecting them in a large zip lock bag. I did a search for What to do with pistachio shells and the list of items that came up surprised me. One was to ground the shells and make soap – that just looked like it would hurt – so passed on that one. I saw a cool picture of wall decoration made from the shells and I definitely wanted to make that. I figured my first try would probably be a learning experience and end up as decoration so I decided to paint the shells.

1. I did not do this step, but will probably do it next time – wash the shells and get the salt off. I did clean them of the nut skins.

2. Lay them out to dry if washing – or lay them out on newspaper (outside) and spray paint. This was a couple step process. DO NOT put a lot of pressure on the nozzle – the shells will fly when hit with the paint. I did both the inside andout side. Make sure that they are dry completely.

this is not spray paint……

pista shell bird

Courtesy: Divya Parashar

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