How to make pockets for kindergarten


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How to make pockets for kindergarten

Hello dear friends !! Many got their start in kindergarten and is now in full swing preparing their children.
So we finally got a ticket !!! And such a thing as a sachet in the closet, I decided to sew myself and share with you.
The fabric can take any, but the best waterproof and easy to wash. I bought a 1 meter fabrics for furniture upholstery sofas for children (it is very dense and is waterproof)
Initially, it is necessary to measure the locker door in kindergarten, to know what size you sew pockets.
I’ll sew 30 x 80 cm

locker(256) locker(257)

Do not forget the seam allowance of 1 cm. And in the pockets of the top 2 cm, as We will insert gum.


Top is sewn pockets under the gum

locker(259) locker(260) locker(261)


Then take a rubber band and inserted into our pockets

locker(263) locker(264)

Contractible to 30 cm and fasten the edges

locker(265) locker(266)

Bottom pocket is sewn to the base.
Previously I did on pockets folds around the edges (so that the bottom of the pocket was 30 cm)
Stepping back 3 cm from the bottom of the pocket foundations are putting down face


Sewn on the machine


Raise your pocket and turn over so the seam turned hidden

locker(269) locker(270)

Marginalia sewn pocket.

locker(271) locker(272)

Just sew a second pocket. Stepping back from the first 1 cm

locker(273) locker(274) locker(275) locker(276) locker(277) locker(278) locker(279) locker(280)

Sew on the third pocket. Also departing from the second 1 cm

locker(281) locker(282)locker(258)

Pockets are sewn.


Now take a second item basis and sew the first, which has already sewn pockets.
Sew just superposed without hem.
The top and bottom leaving holes where we put a thick plastic (for rigidity and weight increase)
top back down to 3 cm, and is sewn on simple stitching machine – a guide for plastic.
Bottom retreat 2 cm and also do a guide.
Cut the plastic we needed width and inserted into the base


Cut the desired length and sews us on a typewriter

Instead of plastic you can use a piece of wood or thick cardboard. Although many washings board will not stand, so I would still advise to use plastic. Here is our pockets at this stage.

Along the edges cut off protruding, the excess fabric. Now we have to treat the region. You can use a slash Bakey. I decided to treat the same cloth.
Cut the strips 4 cm wide.


Since the fabric does not climb, no sew the hem. Just zigzag.

locker(265) locker(266)

Here’s what happened.


Finally. Sewn eyelets, which will be hung up our pockets. They are made from the same fabric.


That’s all. Our pockets are ready.

locker(269) locker(270) pockets

These are bright and very comfortable in our pockets turned out.
In the first pocket lie spare panties, socks, tights.
The second – spare shirts, sweaters, dresses.
In the third – hat, scarf and gloves
in the fourth – wet things.

Just sachets can be made for an adult in a cabinet under the small things. You can sachet for combs and hairpins. Sasha the hallway slippers or shoe brush.

The mass of options. The main fantasy

Good luck to you!


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