How to make polymer application in mug

How to make polymer application in mug

Dear citizens of the country unique. Based on my previous MC, present to your attention the following applications of polymer clay. This noggin will delight your favorite Valentine’s Day or 8th of March.

polymer application

We need:
– Mug
– plastic
-stekloochistilelnaya fluid or nail polish remover
-kantselyarsky knife
everything else is not necessary.

Mug Kitten (2)

Wipe mug any of the liquids for degreasing the surface.
From a piece of black plastic made round cake, and shall cleave it into a mug.

Mug Kitten (3)

Prilep ears.

Mug Kitten (4)

Adding to the lugs pink triangles

Mug Kitten (5)

Of white plastic make two identical circles, and shall cleave in the photo.

Mug Kitten (6)

From pink plastic make a semi-circle and be united as in the photo – it’s a cat’s nose. Of white plastic strips do and be joined as in the photo.

Mug Kitten (7)

From white plastics make bottom lip seal and edging on the ears. From green plastics make cakes oval, and shall cleave to the eye area.

Mug Kitten (8)

Sequence modeling Eye:
– green ovals
– black oval
-blue ovals
-white circles

Mug Kitten (9)
Take the needle and draw the hair, do needlepoint mustache.

Mug Kitten (10)

From white plastics do thin flagella. Prilep mustache in the photo.

Mug Kitten (11)
From the black plastic body seal Prilep.

Mug Kitten (12)

Of white plastic make a semi-circle, and shall cleave in the cat stomach. Make six identical circles of white and white stick foot. By three circles on each foot.

Mug Kitten (13)

Needle paint coat.

Mug Kitten (14)

From yellow plastic make sausage. Cut nine identical segments – a fence, and a long bar. Prilep on the mug as the photo.Mug Kitten (15)

The thin flagella of white and black plastic add shёrstku seal, which shines between the picket fence.

Mug Kitten (16)

Take the needle and draw a pattern on wood fences and holes from the nails. From green plastic make stem and leaves of the flower.

Mug Kitten (17)

Make green thin flagella, Nalepa randomly grass behind the fence. Needle Give invoice blade of grass. From the orange plastic make the middle of a daisy.

Mug Kitten (18)

Of white plastic make thin flagellum and Nalepa daisy petals.

Mug Kitten (19)

Work through a needle chamomile flower.

Mug Kitten (20)

To Kitty was not a sad one, add a moth. I chose shades of blue. You can make a pink butterfly.

Mug Kitten (21)

Mug Kitten (22)

For Valentine’s day – red heart would be more appropriate.

Mug Kitten (23)

Or make a butterfly shape.

Mug Kitten (24)

Now the oven – 130 degrees for 10 minutes. After baking carefully mark the boundaries of applications, carefully peel off the application. Clean the marked portion of the inside of the cup and degreasing applications. Smear mug and applique epoxy adhesive, and join mug with applique. The administration is cover matte varnish for polymer clay.

Mug Kitten (25)

I use this glue because it withstands high temperatures. You can pour the boiling water.

Mug Kitten (26)

The photo glossy varnish, but need a mat.

Mug Kitten (27)

I think that from a cold porcelain is also possible to make such polymer application.


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