How to make quilling greeting card

quilling greeting card
Card made of cardboard and colored paper quilling technique.
This workshop is designed for children of primary school age, additional education teachers, educators, teachers of technology.
Purpose: a gift to the Day of Older Persons.
The goal: the production of cards in quilling techniques
– Familiar with the technique of quilling;
– Develop fine motor skills, improve skills to work with paper;
– Educate the artistic taste, accuracy, perseverance.
International Day of Older Persons is celebrated annually on October 1 since 1991, according to the decision of the United Nations General Assembly.
This holiday originated in the XX century. First Day of Older Persons was celebrated in Europe, then in America, and in the late 80’s already all over the world. Day of Older Persons is celebrated on a large scale in the Nordic countries. On this day, many television and radio broadcast transmission based on the tastes of older people.
For we need the following materials and tools:
quilling greeting card
The basis for a card,
Paper with a pattern,
Color bars for quilling,
Corrugated cardboard plating,
Ruler Stencil circles
Figured scissors and simple,
PVA glue,
Glue “Moment-crystal”
Toothpick for winding lanes,
Skewers for gluing.
We have a ready-made framework for 3 postcards see 14,5h14,5 size. Each of them will do for 3 flower. Petals are made of two strips of different colors 3 mm wide and 30 cm long rolls in the stencil dismiss up to 12 mm diameter.
quilling greeting card
Then, glue the end of the strip and attach roll shape “leaf”. You can further bend the petals as in the photo
quilling greeting card
five petals stick together, add the middle of a roll of the same diameter as the petals. It is also possible to use a tight roll midway of the two bands of different colors.
Green leaves do in the form of drops. To make each card 3 flowers and 3 leaves
quilling greeting card
From colored paper with a pattern cut out a rectangle measuring 3 cm 10h14,5.
quilling greeting card
We step back from the edge of 1.5 – 2 cm and cut rectangles curly scissors.
quilling greeting card
Stuck on the card resulting strips, as shown in the photo.
quilling greeting card
cut into 4 cm wide strips of corrugated cardboard and 14.5 cm
quilling greeting card
Pasting them between the strips with the pattern.
quilling greeting card
Next, we make out a postcard with flowers, arranging them in a strip of corrugated cardboard.
quilling greeting card
Add the leaves
quilling greeting card
and polubusiny.
quilling greeting card
Similarly, we make out 2 more cards.
quilling greeting card

quilling greeting card

Postcards are ready.
quilling greeting card
You can see parts of postcards closer.
quilling greeting card quilling greeting card quilling greeting card
Reflections on the corrugated metallized give a sense of celebration.
Please add a card can be labeled.
quilling greeting card
Thank you for attention!
courtesy: ped-kopilka
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