How to make quilling topiary

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Here is a tree of happiness can be done on the Day Topiary – 12 May. To be completed with a gift card with a wish of happiness.
I’ve already made a few trees of happiness (and herself with the children), and the basis of taking the usual, we can say improvised materials. Ball rolls down a newspaper, turn around and Wallpapers its green paper. Instead trunk stick or a piece of wire. A pot is a jar from under dairy products. In a jar embedded same ball.

The result was the basis for such a tree. The pot is made of corrugated paper or napkins. This tree I was papered with a jar of pink tissue paper and place the tissue filaments. Thank you very much for the idea Tatyana Sorokina. However, I did the tissue thread with glue

Screw the Fuzzies from nastrizhennyh green stripes. Done different flowers from paper strips. In fact, flowers and much more Fuzzies needed.

And my spring blossomed tree. Here and butterfly flew, soon the summer will come!

Made possible and here are the trees with spiral roses and with the colors of napkins, which we did with the fourth graders after school. Thank you very much, Tatiana Prosnyakovoy for its workshops for the production of flowers.

So what is topiary? Topiary, it is also called “European Wood” and “Tree of Happiness” – a common interior decoration in the European floristry. This is a very original composition, which always attracts attention. The brightness and originality is achieved not only due to the form (form a circle itself is very interesting), but also through the use of the composition of the set of combinations of colors and the use of materials of different textures, curved stalk.

I wonder what lies under the original name – Topiary? It is known that there was an art curly hairstyle plants in ancient times. In the gardens of the Roman nobility could see the intricate shapes of the trees, which gave the original form of the gardeners, they are the same – masters of landscape design. The ancient Romans were famous for their regular gardens and had a special servant, Topiary (topiarius, master topos), which is maintained in good condition decorative portion – topia. Fashion figured trimmed hedges revived in the Middle Ages and during the Italian Renaissance became a craze. Skilful topiaristy can create any image, from donkey, a bear or a sailing boat to the colonnades and the Cardinals. In France, a 17th century garden designers literally jumped higher than his head, especially at Versailles, and today, in the early 21st century, it became fashionable again after decades of neglect.

Modern topiary art is not limited to work with plants. Original small trees, which are used for the production of natural materials, also known as Topiary. They fit perfectly into any interior and serve as decoration at home. Moreover, Topiary trees are often called happiness and so everyone is glad to receive such crafts as a gift.

It is noteworthy that Topiary is not a miniature copy of any specific trees. This is a purely decorative thing, in no way does not aspire to compete with nature. Therefore, only the imagination of the creator depends on what form it will have Crohn’s own trees. The most popular form of a cone and a sphere. As a base can be used various materials. This – it is convenient to work with a floral sponge foam. The original idea – to make the blank of foam construction. They are obtained rovnenkie perfect, do not require additional treatment, which creates additional convenience in the work.

Different feathers, pebbles and seashells, moss, nuts and dried flowers, as well as regular wood chips suitable as a decorative crown, and, of course, in the course are artificial hay, ribbons, beads, decorative butterflies and birds.

Beautiful and cheerful tree immediately attracted all eyes. And Topiary can be done to any interior. Depending on the size and appearance of the tree, it can be installed directly on the floor, on open shelves, fireplace, coffee table or bedside table.

Day Topiary can be noted in the circle of friends and relatives to you people. You can together enjoy the amazing sculptures of green plants and trees to grow your happiness in any material way you tell your imagination, and then give them to each other with cards with wishes of happiness.

courtesy: liveinternet

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