How to make rectangular bag from cloth

rectangular bag

How to make rectangular bag from cloth

Size – 21h25 cm, width – 6 cm (suitable for a tablet).

For sewing bags will need:

– Cotton of different colors on the front of – 0.5 m
– On calico lining – 0.3 m
– Hard dublerin – 0.4 m
– Adhesive volume fleece – 0.3 m
– button
– A metal frame and a regulator 3 cm wide.
– Leather or any other decorative element (lace, buttons, badges)
The valve can be decorated to your taste.

The cutting and preparation.

First we need to carve out those parts of the fabric (all dimensions are given an allowance of 1 cm)
– The bulk of the 2 parts (front and rear) – 27h23 cm
– Valve 2 parts – 23h23 cm
– The side and bottom of a one-piece blade – 73h8 cm
– 2 front pocket details – 21h20 cm
– Lining 2 parts – 30h29 cm
– Inner pocket 2 parts – 15h17 cm
– Band strap – see 8h140

From Dublerin:
– 2 pieces for basic parts – 27h23 cm
– 2 pieces onto the valve – 21×21 cm
– 1 piece on the side of – 73h8 cm
– 1 piece to the strap – 6 x 138 cm
– 1 piece in the front pocket – 19h18 cm

Because the adhesive nonwoven volume:
– 1 piece 21×21 cm valve
– 2 pieces of basic parts – 27h23 cm

– 1 piece on the side of – 8h73 see

Sew the bag.

1. Seals to detail, namely, the front part of the valve and fleece on the inside. Dimensions are indicated Dublerin less without allowances, and accordingly at each end on the fabric we have remained at 1 cm.
The main part and the side-sealing Dublirin and interlining at the edge.
On the front pocket priutyuzhivaem dublerin, as well as leaving the valve open by 1 cm.
Strap Dublerin thicken. And press out the remaining edges of one centimeter on the wrong side

2. Sew along the perimeter valve upper part (which is sewn to the bag) open, and sew front pocket and internal.

3. Make the volume front pocket (height of our pocket is 18 cm). Fold the 2 cm on both sides on the wrong side and press out. At a distance of 3 mm on the curved edges of the paving line. Thus we obtain the pocket width 15 cm.

Then putting a pocket in the middle. We can see that the edges we’re left with 4 cm.

The planned line height pockets and sew our sidewall of the pocket to the front of the bag. The result is a pocket 15 cm wide, 18 cm height and 1.5 cm in volume.

4. Sew on the perimeter at a distance of 1 cm from the edge of our side item to the front. And strengthen edges additionally zigzag stitch

5. Sew on the back of the bag to the side in the same way.

6. gut-wrenching, edge and try on the valve. I sewed on the valve further leather, which later will install button.

7. Face to face folding flaps and the rear of the bag and make a line on the upper edge. We have prepared the front of the bag without padding and straps.

Then proceed to the strap.
8. For the manufacture of the strap is necessary to lay down the entire length of the prepared item, and press it twice. Get the lines on both sides. Get strap width of 3 cm and a length of 140 cm.
Cut the 32 cm, dress frame, folded in half and make the bottom seam Locking. Thus we obtain the first part of the strap.

9. Take one end of the long portion of the strap is folded edge, hold it through the bottom of the controller and sew edge.

10. We carry strap through the frame and the controller, and outputting, as shown in the photo

11. sew strap to the side of the bag in the middle.

12. Making the lining. On the prepared inner pocket, bent inwards left on reversing edge, putting a pocket on the front of the padding, and sew around the perimeter. Putting a face to face both sides of the padding, and sew them on the sides and the bottom part, leaving room

13. The bottom of the on lining we do with the help of additional lines at the corners. Fold the corner as shown on the picture, hold the line perpendicular to the width of the bottom – 6 cm, and paving the line. Excess cut off.

14. We connect the front of the lining and sew the bag and on the upper edge on the perimeter.

15. wrenched the bag joints and paving decorative stitch.

16. It remains to establish the button. Try on the location of the buttons. The lower part of the set on the pocket and on the top of the valve.

I further embellished leather strap.


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