How to make ribbon embroidery flower


I’ll show how to embroider the aster. For this we need: hoop, fabric, needle, scissors, tape 8 mm for the petals and leaves and 25 mm for stems (silk or satin) I have silk.
So, let’s begin.

вышивка лентами

Almost all the flowers I embroidered, so that will show the most culmination of a process.


Enter the needle with tape, making the first petal. Petal should be about 5 cm in length.

вышитая картина

Next up from the center of the flower petals start to embroider.


Enter the needle close to the previous petal.

We continue to survive up to the center.

Petals get about 20 pieces. You can do more – is more luxuriant flower.

The lower petals have to sew just below the main, then the flower is round and more natural.

And be sure to make a 2 or 4 of the lower lobe as if they were lost or slightly podvyali.

I’ll show just in case the wrong side. The photo shows a small poems 1 is the distance between the petals.
Then embroider leaves

Leaf sewn from the center to the bottom of the flower.

3.2 Making the one sheet and the other.

And then the same thing.

And the final stage – the stems. They embroider 25 mm tape, by twisting.

Output the tape, fixing it from the inside thread.

We carry the flower, twisting and display inside.

Flowers have also stems 9 and 9.

Done. The result was a bouquet of asters. For example, here are some photos of asters (my work).


Thank you and enjoy your creativity!


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