How to make ribbon embroidery rose panel

ribbon embroidery rose panel

Make a different ribbon embroidery rose panel


For this we need: two identical range of burlap, the reel of linoleum (can something similar be replaced), double-sided tape, building knife, glue, scissors, needle and thread.


Let’s get started. 2 Cut a circle out of burlap, stepping back from the outer edge of the Babin 5 cm. At least, as much burlap tends to crumble.


On the same lap pave thread stitches on the outer circle of the bobbin. This I do in order not to “get carried away” embroidery. Bitter experience I had there. At the center of this circle with ribbons embroider.


Wrapped Babin (its width is 2 cm.) Double-sided adhesive tape.


From cardboard cut out a circle on the outer diameter of the bobbin. On cardboard glue and adhesive tape tight fitting bottom burlap. Well while pulling it.


Here is the bottom should have.


Then we distribute the finished embroidery on a reel, and glue on the adhesive tape. If it is a panel, then stretch the well. But if you decide to make a needle bar, the tension should not be strong. Needle bed will look good if it is slightly convex. Volume she can be given, unless the embroidery and Donets you put sintepon.


So look Donets


and the upper part of the panel.


We merge the two parts by means of an adhesive.


For safety, when the glue dries well, I top and bottom panels are stitched thread in the color of burlap.


That’s all! Pannochka ready! It remains to decorate it.


To hide the junction of the two parts of the panels, I taped lace. But you can decorate in their own way. There already give free rein to their imagination!

Well, that’s all, my dear needlewoman! I’d like to have my first master class is useful to someone. Tried explains lucidly. I hope the right. Be creative, make our life more beautiful! Good luck to all!

courtesy: liveinternet

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