How to build the home banking Leopold

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Aldo Leopold know who he was? I tell you! It was an American naturalist and forester who is considered the founder of conservation of wildlife in their country. He also had his small role as designer of simple garden furniture. And just this bank is its most characteristic creation because his photographs have remained sitting in this seat. With this tutorial you can learn how to build the famous Leopold bank accompanied by a matching table in a fresh and current version. They cheer up?


Although some basic carpentry skills are needed they can see that these two furniture manufacturing is very simple. Simply knowing how to use a drill, a screwdriver and a paintbrush have enough because the court can always order it in our nearest DIY.




5 x 15 x 250 cm
5 x 20 x 300 cm
5 x 25 x 300 cm
Hardware and tools:

6 screws coachbuilder 3/8 x 9 cm
6 washers and 6 nuts 3/8
No. 20 screws 14 9 cm
2 trestles
measuring tape and metal ruler
drill, drill bits and saw
Light blue paint
dark blue spray paint
ferns and leaves of plants
sheets of newspaper


For cutting of wood must download the cutting pattern. We can also download the installation diagram of the various pieces to have an overview of work. We mark with pencil and rule the different cuts to be made.


We put the pieces on the sawhorses and hold well with a couple of sergeants. After cutting will use the sandpaper to finish edges and edges.


Then we paint giving a couple of layers or three all parts. We cover well with paint all the cuts, especially the legs of the bench and the table that will be in contact with garden soil.


While the paint dries, put the ferns and leaves that we collected from several sheets of newspaper and put some weight on top. In two or three hours they will be perfectly smoothed so that we can continue the work.


Step Next, place the tabletop and the base and the back of the bench in a place without air flow but well ventilated. Have ferns and leaves on top and started spraying the dark blue paint. We make quick passes to create an uneven effect in the woods.


Now we begin to assemble furniture. First the legs of the bank, for it drilled three holes for passing screws 3/8 coachbuilder that will link the two parts forming the legs on each side. Put and pressed the screws with washers and nuts.


Then screw the base of the bank to the legs with three wooden screws No. 14 on each side. As they are quite thick screws worth taladremos first timber with a drill.


The next step is to screw the back of the bench. To do so we lay down forward and decorated on the table cutting area. We set the piece with a pair of screws on each side.


We continue now with the table legs joined with the upper crosspiece and set up the board. We connect it to the legs with two wood screws on each side.


Finally, we set the lower cross between the legs of the table to finish to firm the whole. And we review the screws with some paint so that they are hidden. Easy no? What will they do? It is ideal to enjoy the garden this season!

courtesy: guiademanualidades

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