How to make rose flower pendent for valentines day


How to make rose flower pendent for valentines day

I hope the lesson for pendent for valentines day will be for you to understand and show the principle of operation.

pendent  (1) pendent  (2)

The required materials
1) Plastic (green and turquoise)
2) the basis for bronze pendant
3) Floss
4) The needle
5) Blade

pendent  (3)

First, we need to do the groundwork for the subsequent design of the pendant roses
Take a bit of plastic and clings to the base, trying to get it as straight as possible.
Then do the leaves.

pendent  (4)

Clings to the base of the leaves, as in the photo

pendent  (5)

We proceed to the roses. There just is nothing complicated.
Roll out the ball and turn it into a tube.
As with the leaves, using a toothpick, we cling to the substrate.

pendent  (6)

For a variety of roses, do another kind as in the photo

pendent  (7)

It continues to decorate a pendant. Try to make it diverse.

valentines day

And yet! Pendant is ready! Now go to bake it in the oven
! At a temperature of 120-130 degrees Celsius for 13-15 minutes!
During baking, do not go very far away, so as not burned your pendant.
After baking dress Bale and a chain or ribbon.
So it makes a great gift to the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or on March 8.
Good luck in your work!

valentines day

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