How to make roses from ordinary paper napkin

Dear guests and residents of the Masters Country! Today I have a master-class on making roses out of the ordinary paper napkin.


Materials required: ordinary paper napkins two colors, scissors, thread and a good mood.


Take just a few napkins 2 colors and scissors cut off by the edge of the fold. We get a lot of pink and white squares.


White napkins are square, and cut the pink napkins More on dioganali triangles get. Then a layer of white squares and one layer of pink triangle put in front of him as shown in the photo.


Begin to make petals. The upper corner of a white napkin wrap tube in strontium pink triangle. When he reached the border with pink continue to tighten, but both ends of our spin. Spins in small increments, rounding obtain the arc. Presses the receiving end of the arc, against each other, fan out and fix them a twist like candy wrapper. A rose petal ready.


On one rose it takes me 11-15 petals.


Seredinka rose lepestochnoy manufactured from one piece. See photos. Hopefully it is shown clearly.


Begin the assembly rose. Take the midway of our roses and are putting it into the side of a pink lepestochek fixing their threads. Next lepestochek putting a little stepping on the previous tab and also fix the thread, etc.


Here is the beginning of our roses. Here, middle, and three petals. Threads desirable to tighten more tightly, two turns around the rose.


Admiring the finished result. White edge of the petals emphasizes volume rose.


Again we admire in such a composition. These roses can be arranged floral panels, make a bouquet, banquet tables, scenes, make topiary, etc. I made them for outdoor topiary.


Thank you to everyone who has looked at my page smile! If you have questions, please smile. I would be very happy if it is useful


courtesy: stranamasterov

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