How to make roses topiary

roses topiary

How to make roses topiary

My Topiary with roses and balls.

roses topiary (1)Materials required for the manufacture of Topiary: flower pot, newsprint, glue, gel (transparent adhesive) Universal Moment, napkins white crepe paper in two colors, thread. roses topiary (2)The width of the strips in the manufacture of 5-roses cm, length can vary – 30 cm or more (upper bowl is made more large flowers, to the edge, they can be a little smaller) Edge strips twisted by, the top itself is slightly stretched. Curl up in the bud. roses topiary (3)Flower fixed thread, thread color in the tone of the flower. roses topiary (4)These are the roses are obtained. Number of roses is not determined by a specific number. It all depends on how you want to distribute them on the main form, alternating with colored .sharikami. The main principle-even rotation. roses topiary (5)

Spheres formed from the tissue (took 3/4 wipes for one ball), reinforcing thread (the thread can be used, or white, or green in color crepe paper) roses topiary (6)Of the approximately 1 cm wide strips twisted thread. roses topiary (7)Sliced ​​corrugated (crepe) paper on the green side of the square is 5-6cm. roses topiary (8)Locked paper thread end of the thread is attached with white glue. Try to lay the thread evenly. roses topiary (9)Glued parts, alternating roses and balloons. We start with the top of the world. roses topiary (10)
The last row, rose, pasted evenly between the balls. roses topiary (11)View from above. Glue the main part of a flower pot, glue gel. roses topiary (12)Ready product. roses topiary (13)We meet spring !!! roses topiary (14)All the good health and good mood !!!