How to make santa claus
let’s begin.
Materials: large bottles of water. My, it seems 10tilitrovaya more standard (but it is not particularly important); disposable spoon (it took me about 60 pcs.); red and white bags (did not have time to find a new I took to enjoy, so the pictures can be seen that the cutting out of pieces, if you take the newcomer will be even easier!). You can also take a decorative film brilliant .; tinsel eyes for toys (sold in fittings can be replaced by a button), the button-nose
To assemble: Gel gun, double-sided tape.
The break-off head spoons) and start! Gluing spoon is better at what it opaque background. You can just cover the entire bottle of red tape or paint with acrylics, as you prefer. I think out on the go, so difficult to obtain.
After the lower rim Kozhushko realized that the spoon is better to glue on a white background, to the beard did not seem sparse and looked one spot. Beard collect from the bottom up a little overlap.
Here is what I did by trial and error. Later, it seemed to me that the beard is too small and I taped a few spoonfuls. Above the eyes do the eyebrows of the halves of a spoon. Riding Hood do in the same way as the bottom. In the double sided tape tinsel and fasten all!
With all the upcoming holidays
courtesy: stranamasterov