How to make satin blanket with ruffle

blanket with ruffle
I did this fast for a friend, so let me know if I missed something! and pictures are with my trusty/not so awesome picture taking phone :)**
You will need:
1 yard of minky
1yard of satin
(note: if you get 2 yards of satin, you can make two blankets)
Cut both fabrics at 29inches X 37inches. (be as exact as possible)
blanket with ruffle
(note, this picture was taken before I finished my last measurement, so yours will not be as long)
Cut your remaining satin fabric into 5inch strips. Maximizing the rest of your remaining fabric.
blanket with ruffle blanket with ruffle
take two strips and with wrong sides together, sew a 1/4-1/2 inch seam on short side. -and do for all strips. Making one LONG strip. (this will be for your ruffle)

blanket with ruffle

Turn your fabric ruffle strip right sides out and set your stitch length as long as it will go, (mine is 4) and set your decrease your tension. (you don’t have to decrease your tension, it just ruffles faster). Sew with a 1/2 inch seam till the end.
blanket with ruffle
See it ruffling? that is because I decreased the tension. Otherwise it will just be a basting stitch.
Holding your bottom thread at one end of the strip. Pull and ruffle. I work a little from one end, reach about the middle, and start at the other end. (whatever works for you.)
blanket with ruffle
When you think you are close, line it up along your blanket… -see how I have extra? You can cut it or work it in and ruffle it tighter. (I like all the ruffle possible, so I pulled it tighter and spread out my ruffles evenly)
When it is the right size of the blanket, add 1 inch for *just in case* and tie with a double knot, your top and bottom threads of both ends of the ruffle.
blanket with ruffle
Then take your ruffle and fold the edges into eachother.
blanket with ruffle
Then fold in the raw edges. * Kinda tricky, just work with it. Make sure both sides, front and back are folded in with out any raw edges and pin. Make sure your pin catches through the back so it does not come unfolded in the back. Then sew done in place securing those edges inside. (Make sure your tension is put back where it was, and your stitch length is a 2 or 3)
This will make your ruffle one large finished circle.
blanket with ruffle

blanket with ruffle

Now pin your ruffle to the minky, like shown below. raw edges with raw edge. Pin A LOT !! and pin all the way around.
(Tip: I layed it out first, pinned the corners first … so I knew I was even.
If you have a little extra, pin it in. It’s a ruffle. You will not see it
blanket with ruffle
You can see that I used about 200 pins. That is becuase when it goes through the sewing machine… it slips and moves. Pinning prevents this.
Sew 1/2in all the way around. *watch your corners to make sure the ruffle doesn’t catch in your seam.
blanket with ruffle
Inspect your seam carefully to be sure all of it caught.
Then prep your corners before your lay your satin on top. I found it helped to tape my ruffle down. I learned this the hard way
blanket with ruffle
Lay your satin on top. Right side minky, right side satin facing eachother. -and pin even more than you did before!! Take your time, making sure to catch minky, ruffle, and satin.
(again, I did corners first… and then I pinned the middles of each side, and gradually worked around, thus making sure it’s even all the way around.
blanket with ruffle
Sew as instructed below, leave and opening to turn it right side out.
I used a long stitch length, as this went through my machine better. and was easier to pick out if I caught ruffle in the wrong place and needed to pick and adjust
blanket with ruffle
Turn right sides out and inspect the ruffle. Did it catch in the blanket everywhere? If all looks good, turn it inside out again… and zig zag your salvage edges… Satin frays a lot, and I didn’t want to take any chances of it fraying and creating a hole later.
When finished. Turn right sides out and fold in the edges of our hole. and stitch down. I also did a small stitch all the way around to tack down the ruffle and make it lay flat. You can see the stitch (barely in this photo, just below the ruffle)
courtesy: cherisegraham


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