How to make set of boxes

For this set of boxes, we took 3 used cardboard boxes, the remains of a ribbon, narrow ribbon for gift wrapping, colored paper brown, foil and twine.


For gluing paper, we used PVA glue, and for sticking tape for gift wrapping, twine and bow glue gun . We also needed a pencil, ruler, scissors, knife breadboard. For this box for small things we took from the Tetra Pak milk. We determine how deep is our box, and measured out the distance from the bottom up + 2cm hem allowance. Cut off the unwanted part, made ​​2cm vertical cuts at the corners, bent them inside and glued with white glue. 1.


From colored paper cut two strips the width of 5 cm and a length equal to the perimeter of the box plus 1cm. To obtain a uniform bonding line, we bent twice their length, straightened and glued to the top and bottom of the box so that the folding line fell to the bottom edge of the box and at the top of the cut line. The top of the box to begin hang outside. Then make the cut on the paper at the corners of the box are bent and glued them inside. So do the pasting at the bottom of the box. On the edge of colored paper glue narrow ribbon for gift wrapping. 1.


Then take twine, fix its end close to the adhesive tape and packing laid turn after turn from the bottom up, periodically podkleivaya the box. The end of the twine is glued to the top of the box and hide under the latest round. 1.


Make a bow from a length of ribbon, string and bandaged him and glued to the box. 1.


The remaining boxes are made ​​similarly, changing only the width of the colored paper or foil is replaced.
That’s the way of the seemingly unnecessary boxes to get three beautiful, convenient and practical box for small items !!!!!!