How to make simple denim skirts

How to make simple denim skirts

It all began with simple denim skirts, which for a long time we lay around and rushed in any way. I took her to redo

decoupage panel (15)

Alize Daniela (30 oz.), Coco Print (20 oz.), Hook №2
And that’s what came out of it. Skirt at the age of 3 years.

Next, a few photos of the process.

Dantel. Or rather what was left of it when the skirt was already connected)

decoupage panel (16)

Skirt, which she was in its original form

flower balls (1)

On the edge of the cutoff dissolved fringe, under which we will then sew Dantel.

flower balls (2)

Dantel tape folded in half, pulling the hook clings that come in the middle of the ribbon and knit them the usual chain of air loops. Skirts fit from the bottom up, and for the first row, it took me 105 void.petel of Dantel.

flower balls (3)

Knit the right amount of air, connect a tape loop in the ring. Take extra yarn in the color tone Dantel. I have this thread Coco Print (100% mercerized cotton). In each loop knit Dally * 1st. SN + Air. a loop*. It turns sirloin mesh. We continue to knit in a circle sirloin grid 3 series. (photo 4 rows sirloin grid, but then it seemed to me that a lot and I have a pair disbanded. Everywhere you need to continue to knit on three rows of sirloin grid.) In the third row of the grid sirloin, I diminish the number of Art. SN that would skirt was not straight and narrow towards the top, ie, bottom row skirt obtained subsequent wider etc. Ubavki do every 10 st. SN

flower balls (4)

We put aside extra thread and again undertake the Danielle again Prov Yaz Vaya therefrom Air. loop. Additionally, The result is another strip of quilling. Impose it on the last row of the grid and begin the fillet connecting * 1 st.s.n., Air. loop *, ie, sled kyus Hy loin knit mesh series, but at the same time adhering to the previous number of Ryu Seiki Dantel.

flower balls (5)

Then the process is repeated, but do not forget to do in every third-row sirloin grid. Also, sirloin grid tie on three more ribbons and ruff skirt is almost ready. The total skirt consists of 5 Ryu shiko V ribbons, tied to the login grid every 3 rows of the grid.

flower balls (6)

To skirt made me want to do more, and an ornament to the hair, in the form of thin strips. To do this, take the thread-gum and knit from it a chain of Air. loops equal volume of the head.

flower balls (7)

Putting in the ring and cotton yarn (mine is the same Coco Print) knit in each loop gum 2 column without naked.

flower balls (8)

It turns out the elastic strip. Sewn to her flower of Dantel or whatever

Skirt with ruffles sew from the inside to the top of a denim skirt and a job is completed.

simple denim skirts


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