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How to make simple earrings from beads

How to make simple earrings from beads

Make them can be of absolutely any beads that are at your fingertips. The suit every bead, regardless of shape, size, and its color as a decorative element. The result will be an original, elegant and feminine.

simple earrings

As already mentioned, you need to prepare for large beads of any shape and size (one for each earring), beads, studs, and shvenzy pliers with wire cutters.
The rest is really just a repeat. You need to string on a nail exactly three beads, beads and selected three more beads.
Now, in order to consolidate all this in place, the top of the loop shape with the help of pliers. It must be located right next to the beads in order to fix the whole low.

earrings (2) earrings (3) earrings (4) earrings (5) earrings (6)

All! Sergei ready. Now we add to this loop fastener, and begin to develop the exact same second earring. It is exactly the same as the first. The principle and procedure is the same. Therefore, to try his hand in the production of a pair of earrings, you can become a true specialist for the manufacture of jewelry.
So you can make a lot of earrings, not only for themselves but also for a gift. There are still many great holidays, come and visit without a gift at all would not be desirable. And this is a great idea – and materials should be little, and the time required for the manufacture of literally five minutes. And the result can be anything, depending on the beads and beads available in your stocks.

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