How to make girls beautiful skirt


How to make skirt for girls

Some girls have been smaller and the girls sometimes the question arises: how to put the girl on a matinee/holiday? Of course, you can buy a dress! But it is somehow boring 🙂 We need to make it the most! For example, take the T-shirt (preferably with long sleeves) and embroidered sequins/rain/ beads. Already the top ready! On the bottom you need to tinker but barely. I will describe to you the simple process of creating a skirt child, it can be taken as a basis in many cases.
In my case turned out the following decorations: cat poise / consumed tulle and he came into disrepair but embroidered on it the color remains intact, I have them carefully cut (everything,  and pinned to the tulle (width 180 cm and height 30 cm) and then stitched by color direct (and sometimes not) line.

skirt (1)

We need the following materials:

(a child’s growth of about 92 cm)

– the main fabric (of which It will be sewn very upper skirt) fabric width of 150 cm or 180 cm;
– tulle (I thin, but it is possible and the average density will be more “stand”) width of fabric 150 cm or 180 cm and a length of 120 cm (four x 30 cm)
– lockstitch sewing machine, a simple pencil, ruler, tape measure, scissors, pins,
– hip ratio and waist of the child.
Please note, this skirt-rayed, but to deal with it body kit white tights and white also. That is, keep this in mind that five thin layers of tulle – translucent.

Steps to follow:

Cut the first rectangle 150/180 cm by 30 cm from the underlying tissue. Grind cross sections. Photo 1.

skirt (2)

In the picture a little cave fabric, but it’s sewn on flowers.
Then cut out of the four layers of tulle same rectangles. Photo 2.

skirt (3)

Equalizing their top and shear pins at the edges leaving the corners free and grind cross-sections of each rectangle, and it turns out we just chipped round four rectangles tulle. Photo 3.

skirt (4)

By paving the tulle double line (5 mm stitch width) 5 mm from the upper edge, the second line of 5 mm below the first. We start every line track and finishes with a two tails thread without tack, so then tie knots. Photo 4.

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Contractible for lower thread both lines at the same time the width of the hips circumference girls, plus a couple of centimeters. We fix knots. Photo 5.

skirt (5)

Distribute evenly over the entire assembly width 6 Photos.

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Cut a piece of gum equal waistline minus 7 cm approximately, and preferably on the child to measure the length of a comfortable elastic band (and leaving two centimeters for allowances). Stitch cross sections gum expanded allowances on both sides of the seam and pave the finishing line Photo 7.

skirt (6)

Fold the gum in half, one side will be the middle of the back (this seal), and the other will be the middle of the forehand, mark with a pin. The skirt also marks the middle of the front. Align the middle of the gum and skirts, stretch the elastic and lay on the bottom line of gum (2 mm from the edge of the gums) to gum laying assembly. This is a line of elastic will go around the bottom of the assembly line. Photo 8, 9.

skirt (7) skirt (8)

Clean the skirt from any thread and others, decorate effect fantasy girl to put on a new thing and enjoy together! Photos 10, 11.

skirt (9)