How to make spring dandelions thread panels

thread panels
This workshop is designed for children from 7 years, teachers of primary, school, additional education and creative people.
Purpose: interior decoration, gift.
Purpose: production of panels from the remnants of yarn for knitting.
• Learn to use the waste material (remnants of yarn for knitting) for making interesting crafts.
• To develop fine motor skills and hand eye estimation.
• To educate the artistic taste, neatness.
• Foster an interest in arts and crafts.
Materials needed for the work:
1. For the base color transparent plastic sheet of A4.
2. Yellow or orange yarn for knitting.
3. Senile wire is green and orange colors.
4. The ruler, pencil, scissors, curly scissors, compasses.
5. Glue-gun (PVA).
6. The frame for the picture of A4.
thread panels
Steps for crafts:
1. On the office plastic sheet, draw circles with diameter of 3, 4, 5 cm.
Cut out the circles on the line, using curly scissors.
By performing these steps, we obtain a basis for “woolen” dandelions.
thread panels
2. Each item received start winding yarn for knitting. Start the thread fix on the plastic base with glue.
Thread Winding technology resembles “izoniti”.
In its final form, each item will be kind to remind a lot of the final asterisk.
But we need to turn the sprockets in dandelions.
thread panels
3. To do this, from senile wire orange, deviate a little roll. The long end of the cut with scissors (can not spoil the a pair of scissors, and use wire cutters).
thread panels
That rolls. They, like the blank to the colors, different sizes: large, medium and small.
thread panels
4. Fix the orange lumps on the basis of dandelions.
thread panels
5. On the underside of the stem glue – senile wire. Use hot glue. The length of the wire is also different: 15-20cm.
thread panels
6. From senile wire green, create large curls.
These curls also of senile wire. We have them wrapped green thread for knitting (thick enough). If there is a thick yarn, crochet knit long aerial chain. This chain is easy to wind the wire senile.
thread panels
7. Dandelions stick on a frame on the reverse side.
This frame is made of conventional cardboard packaging wrapped yarn green.
thread panels
8. Place and secure the curls, forming a harmonious bouquet.
thread panels
Another important point: a few details, a lock between a drop of hot glue. This is necessary to ensure that dandelions were located exactly in the frame without swinging on thin stems.
You can add a few beads or decorate satin ribbon.
We picked up a big butterfly and placed on a frame itself.
thread panels
Thank you for attention!
courtesy: ped-kopika
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