How to make spring flower openwork card

spring flower openwork card
Flowers and flower arrangements – universal gift for anyone and for any occasion. They are very different – from the simple to the complex bouquet of floral designs. Especially popular as a gift or interior decoration flower baskets.
This workshop is designed for children of primary school age, additional education of teachers, educators and creative people who love to create beautiful crafts with their hands.
spring flower openwork card
Purpose: the work can be used as interior decoration, a gift for the holiday.
Designed for children from 8 years of manufacture.
Objective: Making crafts out of paper.
1. Hooking skills of working with paper.
2. Foster a desire to fulfill the product with their own hands.
3. Foster the habit of working on their own, gently bring it started to its logical conclusion.
4. To develop creativity, imagination, fantasy.
5. To develop compositional skills and aesthetic sense.
Materials and tools needed to work:
1. A sheet of paper for drawing A-4, colored and white paper.
2. Simple pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, cutter.
spring flower openwork card
Stages of manufacture of the product.
To begin, briefly introduce you to the technique of the art of cutting paper. Artistic carving – is an ancient Slavic view of arts and crafts, openwork carving, paper, birch bark, foil, fabric and leather.
From the application it is characterized in that all the work – a solid piece of paper, while the application is usually glued of several separate parts. The most famous types of work – a snowflake.
The distinctive features of this type of technology is that the images in them:
– Symmetrical, because during manufacture of paper folded a number of times, and then cut it at a variety of patterns,
– Relatively nemnogotsvetny since, except the background, is typically used no more than 1-2, rarely 3 paper flowers,
Modern works of art in the technique of cutting out of paper, do not contain traditional folk symbolism and symmetry, called slotted images, graphics, paper, openwork (filigree) carving.
1. So, first of all, we will make the vase in the technique of carving art. I offer you a simple, to cut cutter scheme. You can use nail clippers.
spring flower openwork card
2. Print out the scheme on paper for drawing A4 size.
spring flower openwork card
3. Fold the sheet in half along the fold line.
spring flower openwork card
4. Now, we start to cut the inner circuit pattern.
Before you start, be sure to conduct safety briefings at work with office knife.
spring flower openwork card
5. If you cut them you need to take care of your hands, do not keep your fingers on the cut-out line, do not go beyond the mat for cutting. The mat is needed so as not to spoil the table. Sell special mats for cutting. If there is such a rug, it can be made from a piece of linoleum or cardboard.
spring flower openwork card
6. Do not leave part of the clip region of the uncircumcised, and then tear off their hands. The work will look sloppy and thus it is possible to accidentally break.
spring flower openwork card
7. The expanded form blank will be as follows.
spring flower openwork card
8. Bend on both fold lines. Good iron the planned line. The product will be stable hold on a flat surface.
spring flower openwork card
9. Decorate a vase can be paper flowers.
spring flower openwork card
10. Place a drop of glue and lock flowers on an oval piece of paper.
spring flower openwork card
11. Try to hide the white background paper on which are placed paper flowers.
spring flower openwork card
12. Put the flowers in a vase, fix.
spring flower openwork card
13. bulking vase, the product can be supplied.
spring flower openwork card
14. You can add fresh herbs. Here, thin strips of green paper.
spring flower openwork card
15. In this photo, three pale green leaves.
spring flower openwork card
However, that woman is glad to give you a spring mood.
Thank you for your attention to my work!
courtesy: ped-kopika
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