How to make stand for mug

stand for mug
Author: Raisa Bolba, teacher of additional education I qualifying category, MBOU DOD Technical Creativity Center, the city of Belaya Kalitva.
This workshop is designed for middle school-age children, additional education, as well as all lovers of needlework.
Purpose: support under a mug, a gift with their own hands.
The goal: making coasters mug.
– Familiar with the technique of decorating objects using decoupage;
– To improve the skills of working with paint, glue, cloths;
– To raise commitment, accuracy, artistic taste.
20-30 years ago, stand under cups are well positioned in the life of almost every man for them began to pick up the original title. The most popular steel – fire, coasters and birmat. The name “coasters” was borrowed from the German language and in translation means – a cover of a beer mug. In Germany, there beer glasses, which were the top cover. These clubs were worth a lot of money, and beer beer shops in these circles was applied only for the wealthy. And ordinary people from ordinary drinking beer mugs, which was on top of a small circle of felt. Germans this circle enclosed under a mug not to interfere, and at the same time absorbed accidentally spilled beer. Thus, the lid was renamed into the palm of mugs.
Poezhe on supports for mugs began to advertise various firms. Travel lovers bring with them from different countries as a souvenir such podstavochki a mug with a variety of drawings or inscriptions.
We will do the stand under the circle of the old CD-ROM drive, the old cards and napkins with a pattern.
stand for mug
For work, we need the following materials:
– CD-disks,
– Old postcards,
– Napkin with a pattern,
– White acrylic paint,
– Gouache,
– Beautiful cord
– Pencil,
– Scissors,
– Hair dryer,
– PVA glue,
– Glue “Moment-crystal”.
The sequence of operation:
For a stand you need to cut 2 rounds of cards. Colored cardboard will not work, because by repeated application of paint and glue warp. Cards are on one side laminated layer and does not warp when applying paint and glue.
stand for mug 1283
Apply the adhesive to the disk “moment” and glued cardboard circle first to one side then the other.
stand for mug
stand for mug
The lower part of the stand can be painted in gouache and varnish, and can be left as is.
stand for mug
So, we proceed to the decoration of the stand. Apply paint using a tampon, for example, green.
stand for mug
The paint can dry the hair dryer. Then, on a dry surface, apply glue PVA. The thicker the adhesive, the smaller will be cracks in the surface of the stand.
stand for mug
On a lightly freshen the adhesive is applied white acrylic paint and quickly dry the hair dryer. Under the hot air produced cracks in the paint – Crackle.
stand for mug
Cut the napkin favorite motif. If a multi-layer cloth, then use only the top layer with a pattern.
stand for mug
Fold the napkin on the stand, dripping glue PVA
stand for mug
and smears from the middle to the edges of the motif.
stand for mug
Adding a small inscription, which balances the composition.
stand for mug
Stands for a mug covered with a layer of thick construction PVA. After drying make out the end of the stand cord, which is pasted with glue “Moment-crystal”.
stand for mug
Stand mug ready.
stand for mug
Another saver and a fragment Crackle:
stand for mug stand for mug
And here stands decoration options:
stand for mug
These coasters cup is convenient to use at work during your lunch break.
Good luck to all who wish to repeat this workshop!
courtesy: ped-kopika
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