How to make starfish from satin ribbon

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How to make starfish from satin ribbon

So today inspired me to create a starfish. It was enough to see the photos that exist online. Then it went somehow by itself.

And, of course, did a master class. Without it, I just would not let go

Starfish of the tapes is not difficult, but a sleight of hand, we still need, and a little patience while sewing on beads.

starfish from satin ribbon(140)

And so, for the creation of sea stars, we need:

1 satin ribbon – 5 cm wide.
2. A candle or lighter
3. Beads
4. Needle for beads and monofilament
5. Scissors
6. Clay (any suitable bonding fabric)
Fold the ribbon square. The square is not circumcised.

starfish from satin ribbon(141)

We cut it diagonally, so as to obtain a large triangle.

starfish from satin ribbon(142)

Cut off from the strip of five such triangles.

starfish from satin ribbon(143)

Then put the triangle seamy side up and pressed the middle finger to obtain a clean ray and begin wrapping edge.

starfish from satin ribbon(144) starfish from satin ribbon(145)

After that, similarly to wrap the other end of the triangle.

starfish from satin ribbon(146)

Fold in half to get the item inside out.

starfish from satin ribbon(147)

Cut edge, getting a straight triangle. One ray of us ready.

starfish from satin ribbon(148)

Grease cut ray of glue and connect them together. Asterisk ribbons ready.

starfish from satin ribbon(149)

In order to make a spectacular sea star, add beads.
Just sew beads on the edge of a ray.

starfish from satin ribbon(150) starfish from satin ribbon(151)

That’s a miracle happens in the end. I will be glad to your comments

starfish from satin ribbon(152)


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