How to make strawberry pot from knitting

Do you like strawberries? Well who does not love her) I suggest you to link it to key chains to decorate children’s hats to decorate the jars of jam or for a wonderful pots. Planters I liked the most!





Berry. We begin knitting the bottom.
4 Air to close the loop in the ring
1 p. Max number of item b / n in the ring
2p increase the number of columns to 10-12 pc
3 p to 14sht (ie 2)
4 p more + 2 = 16 pcs


Knit series 6-7, change the thread. I do not link it, and pave under Article w / white, yet the main thread, then just turn on the red paving under the columns now white thread.


1,5-2 cm cut off white thread. I continue to tie a red thread.


The shape and size of berries can be considered different and each column do not have to – it is important to enjoy the process! My berry max number of a column in a row turned 25.
Do not forget here that the front side inside the berries! And before the reduction in the number of columns, turn it.


Not to get a hole with a decrease of number of columns, do this:
I pick up a loop for the column b / n but not provyazyvayu it! I pick up the next loop to the next col / n: on the hook 3 loops – now provyazyvayu all 3 loops in one fell swoop!


In the front row close so every third loop (* then it is time to fill a berry synthetic padding), in the next row every second, then after one, and all the rest.


Berry itself is ready.
Now we have it toned.


You can decorate with berry beads.
This can be done in the process of knitting, pre vdev the red thread a few beads. A possible after. I prefer the second method, because When sewing beads to the berries, I pervade her yarn in different directions, thus giving the necessary form berries.
We collect a chain of Air. loops (extra then you can always cut off)


1 p. 3 Air lifting loop 11 st s / n in the last loop of the chain = 12


2 p. See scheme.





To get a beautiful top front side, prodernite “tail” in the resulting hole in the center of the sepals.


These berries are related to Pauline F Osinki. Thank you for giving her description and shemki!
They are decorated with a charming hat.



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