How to make talisman


How to make talisman

We are pleased to share their handmade experience.
Master class Svetlana Vdovina, ” How to make a talisman with their own hands .”

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Photo 1. To work, we need: a transparent bag, white thread, wool or padding polyester rope, PVA glue, scissors, salt dough, buckwheat, paint.
Photo 2. Make the garlic: cut into squares of different package velichiny- 20 to 20 cm, 30 to 30 cm, depending how big you want garlic. At the center of the package put cotton or padding polyester (I had sintepon from old pillows) and do like to bundle the ball. Winding the thread ends, and then do garlic cloves – crosswise, can be six lobes, and it is possible and eight. package ends cut off, leave it where 1 cm, to glue.
Photo 3. Then, on the bottom of a smooth Apply glue PVA.
Photo 4. dipped in buckwheat.
Photo 5. That it should happen.

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Photo 6. This is my blank: can be done a lot and to weave a braid garlic. You can dip in tea, semolina, buckwheat, glue the cut burlap or rope, hemp, in general, what is at hand – all to the cause!
Photo 7. My pepper from salt dough. The recipe for salt dough: 1 cup flour, 1 cup of fine salt, half a cup of cold water, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, knead well. Sushil week on the battery. Then he painted.
Red paint me for internal and external works, it was a pity to cover all the red acrylic paint, and green – acrylic and gouache. Gouache varnish.
Photo 8. My billet: used for decoration flowers purchased, but because you can make out of yellow paper.

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Photo 9. Spit weaving rope, but that she would keep the shape of the back of the thick wire slipped and gave the desired shape. Common hemp rope or a garden. I think that can be woven and sackcloth, from the bast good, but I had nowhere else we have not found.
Photo 10. In my corner with charms replenishment.

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