Make the original watch from the newspaper tubes

Make the original watch from the newspaper tubes

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Make the original watch from the newspaper tubes

The original interior design – a very exciting experience. Even if you have already decided that the decor of your home is completed, there will always be new and interesting ideas that I want to bring to life. Today I want to tell you how to make the original watch from the newspaper tubes


We have already looked at patterns from newspaper tubes, which can decorate the walls. It turns out that with this technique you can make beautiful wall clock!

For work, we need:
– colorful magazine pages;
– glue Elmer;
– pencil;
– spoke;
– stationery knife;
– flat round wall clock;
– glue gun;
– acrylic sealant;
– glue E6000 (it can be used for filling material in electrical products);
– cotton swabs;
– Time + patience.

First you have to prepare a lot of colorful magazine pages (such watches have to log 3-4). Then you fold the pages in the tube using a needle and stationery knife. If you roll into a tube the entire page will be more thick tube, but roll it into a spiral can be.

Finished tubes begin to fold into a tight spiral, gluing each turn. To do this, take a pencil and put on one side of the newsprint rolls glue, and then start to reel up a pencil this tube. The resulting spiral should be tightly pressed with your fingers. The finished coil is necessary to keep up with your fingers until the glue grabs, or spiral unfold.


We are doing the same way the necessary number of spirals of different sizes (for each coil using 1, 2 or 3 newspapers tubes spiral to get different size).


For the central part of watchmaking large spiral, gradually winding one after another colorful newspaper tube (need about 25 pieces).
Now we decompose all of the spiral on a flat surface. In the center is placed a large spiral, and at the edges decompose remaining spiral. In this case, arranged around a central element of the ring of coils of different sizes (3 rings of spirals made ​​of newsprint rolls 1, 1 ring – of 2 tubes, while the last ring – of 3 tubes). It is not necessary to use the scheme – we decorate a wall clock, it is important to use imagination. If you are satisfied, we glue each spiral hot glue.

Now we have to go on the clock acrylic sealant, and then process the glue E6000, using a cotton swab. Glued to the clock central spiral. It should also be locked with the E6000 glue all spiral adjacent to the clock, the clock turned to strong. Leave the clock for 24 hours for the adhesive to dry.


Now these patterns from newspaper tubes are ready to become a clock.


Take the kit for hours and establishes a mechanism for following the instructions


Now we can enjoy the results.

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You can hang the original clock is not only in the children, as they are effectively looked at a blank wall.



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