How to make three-dimensional postcard for march 8

three-dimensional postcard

Our step by step guide will allow you to produce a three-dimensional postcard for the holiday March 8
Before you start, familiarize yourself with the safety regulations

Terms of construction paper:

• To cut parts, use small scissors with rounded ends.
• Cut the items from the bottom to top, right to left, from the edge to the right; Turn the piece, rather than scissors.
• parts are using adhesive tape as follows: cut the parts shown on the back of the tape, remove the protective film from one side of adhesive tape, affix it to the specified location on the back of parts, remove the protection on the other side, glue the parts.
• You can use glue instead of the double-sided tape.
Necessary materials:
– Printed templates (see below);
– Glue or a thin double sided tape;
– Volumetric Scotch;
– A piece of packaging film;
– Eyes for toys;
– White yarn;
– Scissors.

Instructions for the production of cards for March 8:

Attention! You can make a card with a picture of a boy or girl.
Templates for making cards

Background for a card

Step 1: Cut out the contour of the paper details: figure, hand, nose, shirt, sleeve, pants for a boy or a skirt for girls, shoulder strap, pocket, shoes and flowers.
Step 2: Cut the specified contour (solid line) on the left hand figure, make an incision along the specified contour (solid line) on the upper sleeve clothes (shirt / jacket).
Stick with a thin adhesive tape or glue additional detail hands on the back of the hand shape

Step 3. Glue on the back of the narrow parts surround scotch.

Step 4: Removing protection from tape, stick boy pants or skirt for girls at the specified location in the figure. Stick T-shirt / jacket on a figure, tucking his left hand into the slot.
Stick your nose, shoes, glue strap T-shirt, then glue the sleeve, glue pocket on the arm and on the pants (or skirt).

Step 5. Stick with a thin adhesive tape or glue toy eyes on the face of the figure.
Step 6. Take the white yarn and fabricate ‘hair for a figure – for a boy or a girl:
Cut the yarn into 5 equal parts, add together 4 threads 5th thread tightly tie them in the middle, spreading apart the ends (ris.1,2).

Stick hair.

Step 7: Take a rectangular flower films and fabricate the package for a card:
1. Fold the bundle of 1 part of the film flower, glue using thin strips of adhesive tape 2 cm long two sides convolution area (Fig.).

2. Stick with the help of a thin strip of adhesive tape 2 cm long bundle on the figure and press.
3.Nakleyte thin strip of adhesive tape length or Spread glue on the right hand of the figure, fold and glue it to the convolution (see. Photo).

Step 8. Arch top petals cut flowers. Stick with a thin adhesive tape or glue the flowers on the left side of the card, and in the middle of colors – colored pompoms (see photo.).

Step 9. Write greeting cards inside, put in an envelope and congratulate grandmother with 8th of March.


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