How to make tiny bunnies

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How to make tiny bunnies

( Pipe Cleaner Bunny Rabbits)

I love making pipe cleaner animals with for my kids. They’re still a little young to do them by themselves, but they like to help attach the eyes and love playing with the little animals I make. It’s been a long time since I shared a pipe cleaner tutorial, like these elephants, frogs, birds, and chameleons.

Use cotton balls and pipe cleaners to create tiny Easter bunnies for embellishing Easter baskets and other decorations.These tiny, fluffy Easter bunnies by Becky Kazana look adorable in a group.

colored paper (13)


  • three sizes of white poufs (I used cotton balls for my biggest poufs since I had loads of them around.
  • pipe cleaners for ears
  • wire cutters
  • tiny seed beads for eyes (I had red handy instead of black, but I rather like the slightly sinister feel it gives them. We can’t get too cutesy, now can we?)
  • a needle or pin
  • a hot glue gun

Instructions for the production of:

1. First of all, using the glue gun glue a cotton ball mid-sized to large, to make the bunny’s head.

2. Put a drop of hot glue on the back of a large ball to paste the smallest ball of wool for the tail.

3. Pry bead needle tip. Put a drop of her hot glue. Glue beads to the place where his eyes should be.

4. Now it is time tabs. Cut the wire cutters brushes for pipes to the desired length.

5. Sprinkle the glue on the back of the neck and attach bunny ears, good pressing and holding them while the glue dries. Also, you can form bends ears at will.

6. The rest bunnies do the same way.

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