How to make trendy handbag from plastic cover

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How to make trendy handbag from plastic cover

trendy handbag is the latest fashion for a women

For bags should be from 3 to 6 packages of garbage bags. Use 2-3 or more colors (the more colors, the brighter the bag). Hook 1-2.5.

trendy handbag

bag (2)

folded package along:

bag (3)

again along:

bag (4)

and again along:

bag (5)

cut off the bottom of a package:

bag (6)

cut into small pieces of the package:

bag (7)

if the package tonkiy- pieces of 1-1.5 cm:

bag (8)

if thick, then 2-2.5 cm:

bag (9)

sliced ​​rings:

bag (10)

sliced ​​rings:

bag (11)

stretch out the lower end of the tape to form a loop:

bag (12)

add a thread of a different color:

bag (13)

Packages can be connected in the course of knitting:

bag (14)

we must have: yarn for knitting, fishing line 1.6, half rings for handles and decoration:

bag (15)

Calculation for initial chain: from the bottom of the length subtract the width, you get the initial length of the chain.

In this case, 20 cm:

bag (16)

When tying the chain becomes shorter, so dial it by 1 cm longer:

bag (17)

scheme for the bottoms:

bag (18)

tie a chain of bars without nakida the one hand:

bag (19)

then the other:

bag (20)

then, applying the line, knit columns without nakida, tieing and the line:

bag (21)

fishing line in the middle of the columns, like knitting Bourdon (Irish knitting)

bag (22) bag (23)

cornering knit according to the scheme:

bag (24) bag (25) bag (26)

when the bottom of a ready, cut the fishing line and tied his rachim step:

finished piping, drag the thread to the wrong side of the bottoms:

bag (27) bag (28) bag (29)

thread on the wrong side:

bag (30)

Further knit bag wall columns without nakida:

bag (31)

to take out of the loop for the “rachim step” of the cross-tabs:

bag (32) bag (33) bag (34)

in the second row, for the expansion of the bag, knit in every 10th st.b.n. two columns:

bag (35)

Further knit, without adding to the desired height of the walls:

bag (36)

on the edge of the skip the line

bag (37) bag (38) bag (39) bag (40) bag (41)

finishing line, we connect the two ends of the fishing line and tied them together:

bag (42) bag (43)

We came to the top of the binding of the first row:

bag (2)

begin tying the first row of columns without nak (end of line is visible).:

bag (3) bag (4) bag (5)

at the top of the trim can be a bit of tightness, then we will need a supply of fishing line:

bag (6)

gently stretch the edge, you can then tie rachim step (optional):

bag (7) bag (8)

bag to fill something soft nib and leave it until we do handle:

bag (9) bag (10)

associate handle, the valve on the bottom of the scheme, the posts without nakida pocket and two circles for magnetic buttons:

bag (11)

outline the middle of the sides:

bag (12)

removing the bag, sew pocket:

bag (13)

Rear sew the valve:

bag (14)

sew handles, magnetic button and decoration:

bag (15)


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