How to make umbrella wall art

Today I want to show you how to make a card with surround umbrella. This card can give to any holidays, adding just the right label, but you can not add

So we begin.

As a key element of this card is the umbrella for its creation we need openwork napkin, toothpick and a small piece of wire.

Cut off from ¼ of the napkin

We are looking for on a napkin repetitive pattern, and visually divided into equal parts napkin Bends from the middle to the edges like so

Overturn the napkin on the front part and look what happened. And we will be equal triangles.

Then carefully lay out the form disclosed umbrella, giving it the shape of fingers.

Giving shape to our future umbrella, postpone it aside and accept for the creation of a cane. For this we need a toothpick and wire. From the arch wire hook.

Firmly pulls the wire to floss, so we got a cast cane J

“Cane” acrylic cover and spread to dry. At this time, take a blank for cards (pre-glue it to the background), and our billet hood.

Apply glue to the edges of napkins from the wrong side (I use glue “moment-crystal”)

Umbrella and stick onto the card.

The most time-consuming part is over.

We take our “stick” cut off the tip of her toothpick and insert it as it should be at the bottom of the hood and the top of the handle.

Getting to the decor of the umbrella. There is no limit to your imagination. I decorated with tulle and flowers.


Thank you for reading and inspected a master class to the end)

courtesy: liveinternet

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