How to make vase from newspaper tubes

newspaper tubes vase

How to make vase from newspaper tubes

Heavy as porcelain vase, beautiful as porcelain, but … made of cardboard tubes, sheets and log beans!

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We need: cardboard tubes, a lot of magazines, glue, paint and varnish.

Cut the pipe required us to length and glue the bottom, cut from cardboard. And begin to turn the log lots of tubes. And only one will turn the “snail” about the same size. Then we start to stick them to the base-tube. Snails smaller decorate the top vases. In between snails glue beans. take the paint right color and begin to paint. These are the reds they received. Above begin to paint with black paint, and immediately, before it has dried, remove the excess with a cloth. Put on top of a little gold acrylic paint and a pair layers of lacquer.

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