How to make Vase of twine

Vase of twineTasks:
– To develop creative imagination, imagination and sense of taste
– Develop the fine motor skills of hands;
– To bring attention and care to friends and loved ones;
How good no matter flowers,
Without vase they look modest.
And in the light and the background to them will pick up the vase –
And they will be struck by the beauty of any.
Dear friends! Your attention is invited to make a vase with your hands, which will decorate your interior and will be a wonderful gift. The advantage of the vase – it will not break and will always be with use.
This workshop is designed for students grades 5-6, and all this work zhelayuschih.S cope and elementary school students under the guidance of a teacher or parent.
The work will be of interest to anyone who loves children and is able to work in any open child creativity.
Necessary material:
 Vase of twine
Plastic vase, jute yarn (twine), double sided tape, scissors, glue gun, decorative ribbons, decoration (flower, beads)
Safety precautions when working with the adhesive gun:
1. Do not touch the hot soplu.Samoe unpleasant that may be hot-melt gun – a tip-hot tip, which implies glue. Touch this part of the gun is not necessary, you can get burned. Be careful!
2. Do not touch the molten glue, allow it to cool for 5 minutes.
3.Pistolet is not intended for outdoor use. Keep the tool out of the reach of children.
4. Using hand tools can be dangerous. Pick the right type and size of hand tools for the job.
5. The use safe stand for glue gun.
6. In the case of cord damage make repairs in the service center.
Step by step the production of vases:
1. papered vase two-way tape
 Vase of twine
2.Bumazhny layer gradually remove the adhesive tape, it was convenient to stick her yarn
 Vase of twine
3. In the adhesive of the adhesive tape glue jute yarn, tightly pressing it to capacity and paying attention that there are no gaps
 Vase of twine
Vase of twine Vase of twine Vase of twine Vase of twine Vase of twine
4. paste the bottom of the vase as well as the vase itself
 Vase of twine Vase of twine
5. Decorative braid handle edge vases
 Vase of twine Vase of twine Vase of twine
Vase of twine Vase of twine
6. Getting decoration vases
 Vase of twine
7. flowers decorate beads
8. To produce tendrils of yarn braids that stick gun
At this stage, it encouraged the flight of imagination and creativity

9. Work ready

Your attention I want to offer more options for the manufacture of vases
courtesy: ped-kopilka
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