How to make violin-housekeeper


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Today I want to show you my new job, which makes for a gift, as the violin will perform the function of the housekeeper………. Started

The lower tier.

That’s how the violin will show off at the wall.

With the door open.

With the keys.

To work you will need:
1) thick cardboard packaging
2) thick wire 1.5 m
3) wipes
4) cable 40 m
5) PVA glue
6) curtains
7) Hook
8) bracket to hang on the wall
9) decorative rhinestones.

We make a drawing.

Maybe it is better to be seen.

We transfer the drawing to the edge of the retreating carton .Po 1.5 cm and draw a line around the circuit. 2 pcs.

Cut a strip

We spread on the previously traced the contour of the cut strip of water colour paper.

Side view.

Now cut a strip of cardboard ……. drawing + 2 cm strengthen it let out to circle the outer contour (89 + 2) , better then cut off. You can strengthen both sides for durability.

It turns out this way.

Wallpapers wipe the entire structure.

So opens the cover future housekeeper.

From the top edge down to measure 12 cm (middle)


Is transferred to the cardboard and paste over with a cloth.

Now glue on the marked

The bottom is glued in the middle, and the average

Take the tourniquet

With the harness do struny.Ih fastened under the lower flourish.

And we wrap for the neck, bringing bundles inside out.

4 pieces of bending so.

Bending depends on how you access it ……second part of the neck.

The part that is glued to the neck,…………..cardboard cut out a tidy and cogs on skewers fastened to the neck.

Extends string the tissue flagella.


Onto the door attach size 4 * 2 and paste it into the recess.

This is best seen from here.

This detail is needed for the castle, which in the end will have to be put.

On the other hand, too, need to paste the same projection.

Side view .

Then lay out the pattern of the tissue flagella (Technique Paper Art ) …… acrylic paint and then cover with gold acrylic.

First, all the work done in gold, silver and then overshadowed strings

And the last thing done for the violin – a bow.

Fasten the holder.

Fasten hooks.

Bow replaces the handle for easy opening

And then I made a stand

Finally, add colour and here is the final resul… If you have questions, ready to finish.


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